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Dees Troy3be70a82013-10-22 14:25:12 +00001/*
2 Copyright 2012 bigbiff/Dees_Troy TeamWin
3 This file is part of TWRP/TeamWin Recovery Project.
5 TWRP is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7 the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8 (at your option) any later version.
10 TWRP is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13 GNU General Public License for more details.
15 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16 along with TWRP. If not, see <>.
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040018
19#ifndef __TWRP_Partition_Manager
20#define __TWRP_Partition_Manager
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040022#include <vector>
23#include <string>
bigbiff bigbiff34684ff2013-12-01 21:03:45 -050024#include "twrpDU.hpp"
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -040025
26#define MAX_FSTAB_LINE_LENGTH 2048
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040027
Dees_Troy51a0e822012-09-05 15:24:24 -040028using namespace std;
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -050030struct PartitionList {
31 std::string Display_Name;
32 std::string Mount_Point;
33 unsigned int selected;
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040036// Partition class
37class TWPartition
40 enum Backup_Method_enum {
41 NONE = 0,
42 FILES = 1,
43 DD = 2,
45 };
that9e0593e2014-10-08 00:01:24 +020048 TWPartition();
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040049 virtual ~TWPartition();
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020052 bool Is_Mounted(); // Checks mount to see if the partition is currently mounted
53 bool Mount(bool Display_Error); // Mounts the partition if it is not mounted
54 bool UnMount(bool Display_Error); // Unmounts the partition if it is mounted
55 bool Wipe(string New_File_System); // Wipes the partition
56 bool Wipe(); // Wipes the partition
57 bool Wipe_AndSec(); // Wipes android secure
Ethan Yonker87c7bac2014-05-25 21:41:08 -050058 bool Can_Repair(); // Checks to see if we have everything needed to be able to repair the current file system
59 bool Repair(); // Repairs the current file system
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -050060 bool Backup(string backup_folder, const unsigned long long *overall_size, const unsigned long long *other_backups_size); // Backs up the partition to the folder specified
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020061 bool Check_MD5(string restore_folder); // Checks MD5 of a backup
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -050062 bool Restore(string restore_folder, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size); // Restores the partition using the backup folder provided
63 unsigned long long Get_Restore_Size(string restore_folder); // Returns the overall restore size of the backup
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020064 string Backup_Method_By_Name(); // Returns a string of the backup method for human readable output
65 bool Decrypt(string Password); // Decrypts the partition, return 0 for failure and -1 for success
66 bool Wipe_Encryption(); // Ignores wipe commands for /data/media devices and formats the original block device
67 void Check_FS_Type(); // Checks the fs type using blkid, does not do anything on MTD / yaffs2 because this crashes on some devices
68 bool Update_Size(bool Display_Error); // Updates size information
69 void Recreate_Media_Folder(); // Recreates the /data/media folder
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040070
Dees_Troy7c2dec82012-09-26 09:49:14 -040071public:
72 string Current_File_System; // Current file system
73 string Actual_Block_Device; // Actual block device (one of primary, alternate, or decrypted)
Dees_Troy094207a2012-09-26 12:00:39 -040074 string MTD_Name; // Name of the partition for MTD devices
bigbiff bigbiffc7eee6f2014-09-02 18:59:01 -040075 bool Is_Present; // Indicates if the partition is currently present as a block device
Ethan Yonker253368a2014-11-25 15:00:52 -060076 string Crypto_Key_Location; // Location of the crypto key used for decrypting encrypted data partitions
Dees_Troy7c2dec82012-09-26 09:49:14 -040077
Ethan Yonker1eff6cd2014-09-15 13:30:42 -050078protected:
79 bool Has_Data_Media; // Indicates presence of /data/media, may affect wiping and backup methods
that9e0593e2014-10-08 00:01:24 +020080 void Setup_Data_Media(); // Sets up a partition as a /data/media emulated storage partition
Ethan Yonker1eff6cd2014-09-15 13:30:42 -050081
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020082private:
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -040083 bool Process_Fstab_Line(string Line, bool Display_Error); // Processes a fstab line
Dees_Troy38bd7602012-09-14 13:33:53 -040084 void Find_Actual_Block_Device(); // Determines the correct block device and stores it in Actual_Block_Device
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -040085
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020086 bool Process_Flags(string Flags, bool Display_Error); // Process custom fstab flags
Hashcode62bd9e02013-11-19 21:59:42 -080087 bool Process_FS_Flags(string& Options, int Flags); // Process standard fstab fs flags
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +020088 bool Is_File_System(string File_System); // Checks to see if the file system given is considered a file system
89 bool Is_Image(string File_System); // Checks to see if the file system given is considered an image
90 void Setup_File_System(bool Display_Error); // Sets defaults for a file system partition
91 void Setup_Image(bool Display_Error); // Sets defaults for an image partition
92 void Setup_AndSec(void); // Sets up .android_secure settings
93 void Find_Real_Block_Device(string& Block_Device, bool Display_Error); // Checks the block device given and follows symlinks until it gets to the real block device
94 bool Find_Partition_Size(); // Finds the partition size from /proc/partitions
95 unsigned long long Get_Size_Via_du(string Path, bool Display_Error); // Uses du to get sizes
96 bool Wipe_EXT23(string File_System); // Formats as ext3 or ext2
97 bool Wipe_EXT4(); // Formats using ext4, uses make_ext4fs when present
98 bool Wipe_FAT(); // Formats as FAT if mkdosfs exits otherwise rm -rf wipe
99 bool Wipe_EXFAT(); // Formats as EXFAT
100 bool Wipe_MTD(); // Formats as yaffs2 for MTD memory types
101 bool Wipe_RMRF(); // Uses rm -rf to wipe
Dees_Troye5017042013-08-29 16:38:55 +0000102 bool Wipe_F2FS(); // Uses mkfs.f2fs to wipe
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200103 bool Wipe_Data_Without_Wiping_Media(); // Uses rm -rf to wipe but does not wipe /data/media
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -0500104 bool Backup_Tar(string backup_folder, const unsigned long long *overall_size, const unsigned long long *other_backups_size); // Backs up using tar for file systems
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200105 bool Backup_DD(string backup_folder); // Backs up using dd for emmc memory types
106 bool Backup_Dump_Image(string backup_folder); // Backs up using dump_image for MTD memory types
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -0500107 string Get_Restore_File_System(string restore_folder); // Returns the file system that was in place at the time of the backup
108 bool Restore_Tar(string restore_folder, string Restore_File_System, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size); // Restore using tar for file systems
109 bool Restore_DD(string restore_folder, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size); // Restore using dd for emmc memory types
110 bool Restore_Flash_Image(string restore_folder, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size); // Restore using flash_image for MTD memory types
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200111 bool Get_Size_Via_statfs(bool Display_Error); // Get Partition size, used, and free space using statfs
112 bool Get_Size_Via_df(bool Display_Error); // Get Partition size, used, and free space using df command
113 bool Make_Dir(string Path, bool Display_Error); // Creates a directory if it doesn't already exist
114 bool Find_MTD_Block_Device(string MTD_Name); // Finds the mtd block device based on the name from the fstab
115 void Recreate_AndSec_Folder(void); // Recreates the .android_secure folder
116 void Mount_Storage_Retry(void); // Tries multiple times with a half second delay to mount a device in case storage is slow to mount
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400119 bool Can_Be_Mounted; // Indicates that the partition can be mounted
120 bool Can_Be_Wiped; // Indicates that the partition can be wiped
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -0500121 bool Can_Be_Backed_Up; // Indicates that the partition will show up in the backup list
Hashcodedabfd492013-08-29 22:45:30 -0700122 bool Use_Rm_Rf; // Indicates that the partition will always be formatted w/ "rm -rf *"
Dees_Troy51a0e822012-09-05 15:24:24 -0400123 bool Wipe_During_Factory_Reset; // Indicates that this partition is wiped during a factory reset
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400124 bool Wipe_Available_in_GUI; // Inidcates that the wipe can be user initiated in the GUI system
125 bool Is_SubPartition; // Indicates that this partition is a sub-partition of another partition (e.g. datadata is a sub-partition of data)
Dees_Troy51127312012-09-08 13:08:49 -0400126 bool Has_SubPartition; // Indicates that this partition has a sub-partition
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400127 string SubPartition_Of; // Indicates which partition is the parent partition of this partition (e.g. /data is the parent partition of /datadata)
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400128 string Symlink_Path; // Symlink path (e.g. /data/media)
129 string Symlink_Mount_Point; // /sdcard could be the symlink mount point for /data/media
130 string Mount_Point; // Mount point for this partition (e.g. /system or /data)
Dees_Troye58d5262012-09-21 12:27:57 -0400131 string Backup_Path; // Path for backup
Dees_Troy38bd7602012-09-14 13:33:53 -0400132 string Primary_Block_Device; // Block device (e.g. /dev/block/mmcblk1p1)
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400133 string Alternate_Block_Device; // Alternate block device (e.g. /dev/block/mmcblk1)
Dees_Troy38bd7602012-09-14 13:33:53 -0400134 string Decrypted_Block_Device; // Decrypted block device available after decryption
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400135 bool Removable; // Indicates if this partition is removable -- affects how often we check overall size, if present, etc.
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400136 int Length; // Used by make_ext4fs to leave free space at the end of the partition block for things like a crypto footer
137 unsigned long long Size; // Overall size of the partition
138 unsigned long long Used; // Overall used space
139 unsigned long long Free; // Overall free space
140 unsigned long long Backup_Size; // Backup size -- may be different than used space especially when /data/media is present
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -0500141 unsigned long long Restore_Size; // Restore size of the current restore operation
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400142 bool Can_Be_Encrypted; // This partition might be encrypted, affects error handling, can only be true if crypto support is compiled in
143 bool Is_Encrypted; // This partition is thought to be encrypted -- it wouldn't mount for some reason, only avialble with crypto support
144 bool Is_Decrypted; // This partition has successfully been decrypted
Ethan Yonker253368a2014-11-25 15:00:52 -0600145 bool Mount_To_Decrypt; // Mount this partition during decrypt (/vendor, /firmware, etc in case we need proprietary libs or firmware files)
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400146 string Display_Name; // Display name for the GUI
147 string Backup_Name; // Backup name -- used for backup filenames
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -0500148 string Backup_Display_Name; // Name displayed in the partition list for backup selection
149 string Storage_Name; // Name displayed in the partition list for storage selection
Dees_Troy63c8df72012-09-10 14:02:05 -0400150 string Backup_FileName; // Actual backup filename
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400151 Backup_Method_enum Backup_Method; // Method used for backup
Dees_Troy83bd4832013-05-04 12:39:56 +0000152 bool Can_Encrypt_Backup; // Indicates if this item can be encrypted during backup
153 bool Use_Userdata_Encryption; // Indicates if we will use userdata encryption splitting on an encrypted backup
Dees_Troye58d5262012-09-21 12:27:57 -0400154 bool Has_Android_Secure; // Indicates the presence of .android_secure on this partition
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400155 bool Is_Storage; // Indicates if this partition is used for storage for backup, restore, and installing zips
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -0500156 bool Is_Settings_Storage; // Indicates that this storage partition is the location of the .twrps settings file and the location that is used for custom themes
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400157 string Storage_Path; // Indicates the path to the storage -- root indicates mount point, media/ indicates e.g. /data/media
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400158 string Fstab_File_System; // File system from the recovery.fstab
Hashcode62bd9e02013-11-19 21:59:42 -0800159 int Mount_Flags; // File system flags from recovery.fstab
160 string Mount_Options; // File system options from recovery.fstab
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400161 int Format_Block_Size; // Block size for formatting
Dees_Troy68cab492012-12-12 19:29:35 +0000162 bool Ignore_Blkid; // Ignore blkid results due to superblocks lying to us on certain devices / partitions
Dees_Troy16c2b312013-01-15 16:51:18 +0000163 bool Retain_Layout_Version; // Retains the .layout_version file during a wipe (needed on devices like Sony Xperia T where /data and /data/media are separate partitions)
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400164
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400165friend class TWPartitionManager;
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -0500166friend class DataManager;
167friend class GUIPartitionList;
Ethan Yonker87c7bac2014-05-25 21:41:08 -0500168friend class GUIAction;
Dees_Troy51a0e822012-09-05 15:24:24 -0400169};
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400170
171class TWPartitionManager
bigbiff bigbiff34684ff2013-12-01 21:03:45 -0500174 TWPartitionManager(); // Constructor for TWRPartionManager
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200175 ~TWPartitionManager() {}
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400176
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200178 int Process_Fstab(string Fstab_Filename, bool Display_Error); // Parses the fstab and populates the partitions
179 int Write_Fstab(); // Creates /etc/fstab file that's used by the command line for mount commands
180 void Output_Partition_Logging(); // Outputs partition information to the log
181 int Mount_By_Path(string Path, bool Display_Error); // Mounts partition based on path (e.g. /system)
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200182 int UnMount_By_Path(string Path, bool Display_Error); // Unmounts partition based on path
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200183 int Is_Mounted_By_Path(string Path); // Checks if partition is mounted based on path
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200184 int Mount_Current_Storage(bool Display_Error); // Mounts the current storage location
185 int Mount_Settings_Storage(bool Display_Error); // Mounts the settings file storage location (usually internal)
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400186 TWPartition* Find_Partition_By_Path(string Path); // Returns a pointer to a partition based on path
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200187 int Check_Backup_Name(bool Display_Error); // Checks the current backup name to ensure that it is valid
188 int Run_Backup(); // Initiates a backup in the current storage
189 int Run_Restore(string Restore_Name); // Restores a backup
190 void Set_Restore_Files(string Restore_Name); // Used to gather a list of available backup partitions for the user to select for a restore
191 int Wipe_By_Path(string Path); // Wipes a partition based on path
Ethan Yonker87c7bac2014-05-25 21:41:08 -0500192 int Wipe_By_Path(string Path, string New_File_System); // Wipes a partition based on path
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200193 int Factory_Reset(); // Performs a factory reset
194 int Wipe_Dalvik_Cache(); // Wipes dalvik cache
195 int Wipe_Rotate_Data(); // Wipes rotation data --
196 int Wipe_Battery_Stats(); // Wipe battery stats -- /data/system/batterystats.bin
197 int Wipe_Android_Secure(); // Wipes android secure
198 int Format_Data(); // Really formats data on /data/media devices -- also removes encryption
199 int Wipe_Media_From_Data(); // Removes and recreates the media folder on /data/media devices
Ethan Yonker87c7bac2014-05-25 21:41:08 -0500200 int Repair_By_Path(string Path, bool Display_Error); // Repairs a partition based on path
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200201 void Update_System_Details(); // Updates fstab, file systems, sizes, etc.
202 int Decrypt_Device(string Password); // Attempt to decrypt any encrypted partitions
203 int usb_storage_enable(void); // Enable USB storage mode
204 int usb_storage_disable(void); // Disable USB storage mode
205 void Mount_All_Storage(void); // Mounts all storage locations
206 void UnMount_Main_Partitions(void); // Unmounts system and data if not data/media and boot if boot is mountable
207 int Partition_SDCard(void); // Repartitions the sdcard
Vojtech Bocek93cb1ef2014-05-12 15:41:52 +0200208 TWPartition *Get_Default_Storage_Partition(); // Returns a pointer to a default storage partition
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400209
Vojtech Bocek8b44bbd2013-07-25 20:43:29 +0200210 int Fix_Permissions();
211 void Get_Partition_List(string ListType, std::vector<PartitionList> *Partition_List);
212 int Fstab_Processed(); // Indicates if the fstab has been processed or not
213 void Output_Storage_Fstab(); // Creates a /cache/recovery/storage.fstab file with a list of all potential storage locations for app use
bigbiff bigbiffc7eee6f2014-09-02 18:59:01 -0400214 bool Enable_MTP(); // Enables MTP
215 bool Disable_MTP(); // Disables MTP
Dees_Troya13d74f2013-03-24 08:54:55 -0500216
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400217private:
Matt Mowerbf4efa32014-04-14 23:25:26 -0500218 void Setup_Settings_Storage_Partition(TWPartition* Part); // Sets up settings storage
219 void Setup_Android_Secure_Location(TWPartition* Part); // Sets up .android_secure if needed
Dees_Troy43d8b002012-09-17 16:00:01 -0400220 bool Make_MD5(bool generate_md5, string Backup_Folder, string Backup_Filename); // Generates an MD5 after a backup is made
Dees_Troy093b7642012-09-21 15:59:38 -0400221 bool Backup_Partition(TWPartition* Part, string Backup_Folder, bool generate_md5, unsigned long long* img_bytes_remaining, unsigned long long* file_bytes_remaining, unsigned long *img_time, unsigned long *file_time, unsigned long long *img_bytes, unsigned long long *file_bytes);
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -0500222 bool Restore_Partition(TWPartition* Part, string Restore_Name, int partition_count, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size);
Dees_Troy8170a922012-09-18 15:40:25 -0400223 void Output_Partition(TWPartition* Part);
Ethan Yonker47360be2014-04-01 10:34:34 -0500224 TWPartition* Find_Next_Storage(string Path, string Exclude);
Dees_Troyd21618c2012-10-14 18:48:49 -0400225 int Open_Lun_File(string Partition_Path, string Lun_File);
Ethan Yonker8dfa7772014-09-04 21:48:41 -0500226 pid_t mtppid;
bigbiff bigbiffc7eee6f2014-09-02 18:59:01 -0400227 bool mtp_was_enabled;
Dees_Troy43d8b002012-09-17 16:00:01 -0400228
Dees_Troy51127312012-09-08 13:08:49 -0400230 std::vector<TWPartition*> Partitions; // Vector list of all partitions
Dees_Troy51a0e822012-09-05 15:24:24 -0400231};
Dees_Troy240e4a72012-09-04 09:22:39 -0400232
Dees_Troy5bf43922012-09-07 16:07:55 -0400233extern TWPartitionManager PartitionManager;
235#endif // __TWRP_Partition_Manager