Add ignore blkid flag for Transformers

Change-Id: I8f2b5b68a8c3ede74858d53002efab997174ee65
diff --git a/partitions.hpp b/partitions.hpp
index a74a5a4..2c3ad71 100644
--- a/partitions.hpp
+++ b/partitions.hpp
@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@
 	string Storage_Path;                                                      // Indicates the path to the storage -- root indicates mount point, media/ indicates e.g. /data/media
 	string Fstab_File_System;                                                 // File system from the recovery.fstab
 	int Format_Block_Size;                                                    // Block size for formatting
+	bool Ignore_Blkid;                                                        // Ignore blkid results due to superblocks lying to us on certain devices / partitions
 	bool Process_Flags(string Flags, bool Display_Error);                     // Process custom fstab flags