Fix crash while loading config due to incorrect tw_storage_path

Change-Id: Ia5957efe616defa4272501cd8f31d26d394077bb
Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
diff --git a/partitions.hpp b/partitions.hpp
index cdb4f79..7341fe0 100644
--- a/partitions.hpp
+++ b/partitions.hpp
@@ -206,6 +206,7 @@
 	void Mount_All_Storage(void);                                             // Mounts all storage locations
 	void UnMount_Main_Partitions(void);                                       // Unmounts system and data if not data/media and boot if boot is mountable
 	int Partition_SDCard(void);                                               // Repartitions the sdcard
+	TWPartition *Get_Default_Storage_Partition();                             // Returns a pointer to a default storage partition
 	int Fix_Permissions();
 	void Get_Partition_List(string ListType, std::vector<PartitionList> *Partition_List);