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Intended to "relink" or change the linker path for a linked binary. Normally
linked binaries are looking for the linker in /system/bin/linker (or
/system/bin/linker64 for 64 bit devices). In recovery, we want to avoid
mounting or using anything /system to allow us to install different
ROMs or firmware. This script will run various sed commands to update the
path to the linker to /sbin/linker64 or /sbin/linker which is sometimes
needed especially for qseecomd (decrypt) or in some cases with user space
touch screen binaries. Usage:
./ filename
The script will leave the existing file untouched and make a new file
named filename-1-mod
Intended to compare two different language xml files to determine if any
strings do not match up between the two files. Sometimes we add or rename
or misspell string names. This script will help identify the discrepancies.
python -o target.xml
This script reads the English and supplied other language files and
compares the 2 and reorders and rewrites the other language to a new
XML file such that all the strings are placed in the same order as
the English file. It will place commented out string lines for items
that are not present in the new file and will not include any strings
in the new file that are no longer present in the English source.
There is also a version tag that may be compared if present between
the English and other language in case a translation string changes.
python -o ../gui/theme/common/languages/es.xml