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The contents of this directory are copied from system/core/adb, with
the following changes:
- much support for host mode and non-linux OS's stripped out; this
version only runs as adbd on the device.
- always setuid/setgid's itself to the shell user
- only uses USB transport
- references to JDWP removed
- main() removed
- all ADB_HOST and win32 code removed
- removed listeners, logging code, background server (for host)
- minor changes to match adb.c changes
- references to JDWP removed
- ADB_HOST code removed
- all services except echo_service (which is commented out) removed
- all host mode support removed
- sideload_service() added; this is the only service supported. It
receives a single blob of data, writes it to a fixed filename, and
makes the process exit.
- only builds in adbd mode; builds as static library instead of a
standalone executable.
- changes adb_creat() to use O_NOFOLLOW
- removed ADB_HOST code
- removed ADB_HOST code