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* Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "MtpPacket.h"
#include "mtp.h"
struct usb_device;
struct usb_request;
class IMtpHandle;
class MtpStringBuffer;
class MtpDataPacket : public MtpPacket {
// current offset for get/put methods
size_t mOffset;
virtual ~MtpDataPacket();
virtual void reset();
void setOperationCode(MtpOperationCode code);
void setTransactionID(MtpTransactionID id);
inline const uint8_t* getData() const { return mBuffer + MTP_CONTAINER_HEADER_SIZE; }
bool getUInt8(uint8_t& value);
inline bool getInt8(int8_t& value) { return getUInt8((uint8_t&)value); }
bool getUInt16(uint16_t& value);
inline bool getInt16(int16_t& value) { return getUInt16((uint16_t&)value); }
bool getUInt32(uint32_t& value);
inline bool getInt32(int32_t& value) { return getUInt32((uint32_t&)value); }
bool getUInt64(uint64_t& value);
inline bool getInt64(int64_t& value) { return getUInt64((uint64_t&)value); }
bool getUInt128(uint128_t& value);
inline bool getInt128(int128_t& value) { return getUInt128((uint128_t&)value); }
bool getString(MtpStringBuffer& string);
Int8List* getAInt8();
UInt8List* getAUInt8();
Int16List* getAInt16();
UInt16List* getAUInt16();
Int32List* getAInt32();
UInt32List* getAUInt32();
Int64List* getAInt64();
UInt64List* getAUInt64();
void putInt8(int8_t value);
void putUInt8(uint8_t value);
void putInt16(int16_t value);
void putUInt16(uint16_t value);
void putInt32(int32_t value);
void putUInt32(uint32_t value);
void putInt64(int64_t value);
void putUInt64(uint64_t value);
void putInt128(const int128_t& value);
void putUInt128(const uint128_t& value);
void putInt128(int64_t value);
void putUInt128(uint64_t value);
void putAInt8(const int8_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt8(const uint8_t* values, int count);
void putAInt16(const int16_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt16(const uint16_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt16(const UInt16List* values);
void putAInt32(const int32_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt32(const uint32_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt32(const UInt32List* list);
void putAInt64(const int64_t* values, int count);
void putAUInt64(const uint64_t* values, int count);
void putString(const MtpStringBuffer& string);
void putString(const char* string);
void putString(const uint16_t* string);
inline void putEmptyString() { putUInt8(0); }
inline void putEmptyArray() { putUInt32(0); }
// fill our buffer with data from the given usb handle
int read(IMtpHandle *h);
// write our data to the given usb handle
int write(IMtpHandle *h);
int writeData(IMtpHandle *h, void* data, uint32_t length);
#ifdef MTP_HOST
int read(struct usb_request *request);
int readData(struct usb_request *request, void* buffer, int length);
int readDataAsync(struct usb_request *req);
int readDataWait(struct usb_device *device);
int readDataHeader(struct usb_request *ep);
// Write a whole data packet with payload to the end point given by a request. |divisionMode|
// specifies whether to divide header and payload. See |UrbPacketDivisionMode| for meanings of
// each value. Return the number of bytes (including header size) sent to the device on success.
// Otherwise -1.
int write(struct usb_request *request, UrbPacketDivisionMode divisionMode);
// Similar to previous write method but it reads the payload from |fd|. If |size| is larger than
// MTP_BUFFER_SIZE, the data will be sent by multiple bulk transfer requests.
int write(struct usb_request *request, UrbPacketDivisionMode divisionMode,
int fd, size_t size);
inline bool hasData() const { return mPacketSize > MTP_CONTAINER_HEADER_SIZE; }
inline uint32_t getContainerLength() const { return MtpPacket::getUInt32(MTP_CONTAINER_LENGTH_OFFSET); }
void* getData(int* outLength) const;
#endif // _MTP_DATA_PACKET_H