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FUSE: Filesystem in Userspace
Copyright (C) 2001-2007 Miklos Szeredi <>
This program can be distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPLv2.
See the file COPYING.LIB
#include "fuse.h"
#include "fuse_lowlevel.h"
struct fuse_chan;
struct fuse_ll;
struct fuse_session {
struct fuse_session_ops op;
int (*receive_buf)(struct fuse_session *se, struct fuse_buf *buf,
struct fuse_chan **chp);
void (*process_buf)(void *data, const struct fuse_buf *buf,
struct fuse_chan *ch);
void *data;
volatile int exited;
struct fuse_chan *ch;
struct fuse_req {
struct fuse_ll *f;
uint64_t unique;
int ctr;
pthread_mutex_t lock;
struct fuse_ctx ctx;
struct fuse_chan *ch;
int interrupted;
unsigned int ioctl_64bit : 1;
union {
struct {
uint64_t unique;
} i;
struct {
fuse_interrupt_func_t func;
void *data;
} ni;
} u;
struct fuse_req *next;
struct fuse_req *prev;
struct fuse_notify_req {
uint64_t unique;
void (*reply)(struct fuse_notify_req *, fuse_req_t, fuse_ino_t,
const void *, const struct fuse_buf *);
struct fuse_notify_req *next;
struct fuse_notify_req *prev;
struct fuse_ll {
int debug;
int allow_root;
int atomic_o_trunc;
int no_remote_posix_lock;
int no_remote_flock;
int big_writes;
int splice_write;
int splice_move;
int splice_read;
int no_splice_write;
int no_splice_move;
int no_splice_read;
struct fuse_lowlevel_ops op;
int got_init;
struct cuse_data *cuse_data;
void *userdata;
uid_t owner;
struct fuse_conn_info conn;
struct fuse_req list;
struct fuse_req interrupts;
pthread_mutex_t lock;
int got_destroy;
pthread_key_t pipe_key;
int broken_splice_nonblock;
uint64_t notify_ctr;
struct fuse_notify_req notify_list;
struct fuse_cmd {
char *buf;
size_t buflen;
struct fuse_chan *ch;
struct fuse *fuse_new_common(struct fuse_chan *ch, struct fuse_args *args,
const struct fuse_operations *op,
size_t op_size, void *user_data, int compat);
int fuse_sync_compat_args(struct fuse_args *args);
struct fuse_chan *fuse_kern_chan_new(int fd);
struct fuse_session *fuse_lowlevel_new_common(struct fuse_args *args,
const struct fuse_lowlevel_ops *op,
size_t op_size, void *userdata);
void fuse_kern_unmount_compat22(const char *mountpoint);
int fuse_chan_clearfd(struct fuse_chan *ch);
void fuse_kern_unmount(const char *mountpoint, int fd);
int fuse_kern_mount(const char *mountpoint, struct fuse_args *args);
int fuse_send_reply_iov_nofree(fuse_req_t req, int error, struct iovec *iov,
int count);
void fuse_free_req(fuse_req_t req);
struct fuse *fuse_setup_common(int argc, char *argv[],
const struct fuse_operations *op,
size_t op_size,
char **mountpoint,
int *multithreaded,
int *fd,
void *user_data,
int compat);
void cuse_lowlevel_init(fuse_req_t req, fuse_ino_t nodeide, const void *inarg);
int fuse_start_thread(pthread_t *thread_id, void *(*func)(void *), void *arg);