1. eb27bfe Retire the Tron metrics reporting for non-A/B update by Tianjie Xu · 4 years, 6 months ago
  2. e3f09a7 otautil: Factor out the utils that're private to recovery. by Tao Bao · 4 years, 10 months ago
  3. 316e971 Move wipe cache|data to libinstall by xunchang · 5 years ago
  4. 14417a5 Check that install file exists before unlink by Ng Zhi An · 5 years ago
  5. 2b1a464 Move the parse of last_install to recovery-persist by Tianjie Xu · 6 years ago
  6. 152933a recovery: Refactor logging code into logging.cpp by Jerry Zhang · 6 years ago
  7. de6735e Fix the android-cloexec-* warnings in bootable/recovery by Tianjie Xu · 7 years ago
  8. e113e4d Cleanup the duplicates of logs rotation functions by Tianjie Xu · 8 years ago
  9. 7b0ad9c Switch recovery to libbase logging by Tianjie Xu · 8 years ago
  10. 5f7111f recovery-persist: pick up both pstore console files by Mark Salyzyn · 8 years ago
  11. a4f701a recovery: use __android_log_pmsg_file_write for log files by Mark Salyzyn · 8 years ago