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Dees Troy3be70a82013-10-22 14:25:12 +00001/*
2 Copyright 2012 bigbiff/Dees_Troy TeamWin
3 This file is part of TWRP/TeamWin Recovery Project.
5 TWRP is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7 the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8 (at your option) any later version.
10 TWRP is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13 GNU General Public License for more details.
15 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16 along with TWRP. If not, see <>.
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060019#ifndef _TWRPFUNCTIONS_HPP
22#include <string>
Dees_Troy2673cec2013-04-02 20:22:16 +000023#include <vector>
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060024
25using namespace std;
27typedef enum
Vojtech Bocekfafb0c52013-07-25 22:53:02 +020029 rb_current = 0,
30 rb_system,
31 rb_recovery,
32 rb_poweroff,
33 rb_bootloader, // May also be fastboot
34 rb_download,
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060035} RebootCommand;
37// Partition class
38class TWFunc
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060041 static string Get_Root_Path(string Path); // Trims any trailing folders or filenames from the path, also adds a leading / if not present
42 static string Get_Path(string Path); // Trims everything after the last / in the string
43 static string Get_Filename(string Path); // Trims the path off of a filename
Ethan Yonkeraf2897c2014-02-10 13:07:14 -060045 static int Exec_Cmd(const string& cmd, string &result); //execute a command and return the result as a string by reference
46 static int Exec_Cmd(const string& cmd); //execute a command
47 static int Wait_For_Child(pid_t pid, int *status, string Child_Name); // Waits for pid to exit and checks exit status
48 static bool Path_Exists(string Path); // Returns true if the path exists
49 static int Get_File_Type(string fn); // Determines file type, 0 for unknown, 1 for gzip, 2 for OAES encrypted
50 static int Try_Decrypting_File(string fn, string password); // -1 for some error, 0 for failed to decrypt, 1 for decrypted, 3 for decrypted and found gzip format
51 static unsigned long Get_File_Size(string Path); // Returns the size of a file
Vojtech Bocek05f87d62014-03-11 22:08:23 +010052 static std::string Remove_Trailing_Slashes(const std::string& path, bool leaveLast = false); // Normalizes the path, e.g /data//media/ -> /data/media
Ethan Yonker1b7a31b2014-07-03 15:09:22 -050053 static vector<string> split_string(const string &in, char del, bool skip_empty);
Ethan Yonkeraf2897c2014-02-10 13:07:14 -060054
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060056 static void install_htc_dumlock(void); // Installs HTC Dumlock
57 static void htc_dumlock_restore_original_boot(void); // Restores the backup of boot from HTC Dumlock
58 static void htc_dumlock_reflash_recovery_to_boot(void); // Reflashes the current recovery to boot
59 static int Recursive_Mkdir(string Path); // Recursively makes the entire path
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060060 static void GUI_Operation_Text(string Read_Value, string Default_Text); // Updates text for display in the GUI, e.g. Backing up %partition name%
61 static void GUI_Operation_Text(string Read_Value, string Partition_Name, string Default_Text); // Same as above but includes partition name
Dees_Troy2673cec2013-04-02 20:22:16 +000062 static void Update_Log_File(void); // Writes the log to last_log
63 static void Update_Intent_File(string Intent); // Updates intent file
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060064 static int tw_reboot(RebootCommand command); // Prepares the device for rebooting
65 static void check_and_run_script(const char* script_file, const char* display_name); // checks for the existence of a script, chmods it to 755, then runs it
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060066 static int removeDir(const string path, bool removeParent); //recursively remove a directory
67 static int copy_file(string src, string dst, int mode); //copy file from src to dst with mode permissions
68 static unsigned int Get_D_Type_From_Stat(string Path); // Returns a dirent dt_type value using stat instead of dirent
69 static timespec timespec_diff(timespec& start, timespec& end); // Return a diff for 2 times
Vojtech Boceke5ffcd12014-02-06 21:17:32 +010070 static int32_t timespec_diff_ms(timespec& start, timespec& end); // Returns diff in ms
bigbiff bigbiffcdcfee42013-02-27 21:11:26 -050071 static int read_file(string fn, vector<string>& results); //read from file
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060072 static int read_file(string fn, string& results); //read from file
xNUTxe85f02d2014-07-18 01:30:58 +020073 static int read_file(string fn, uint64_t& results); //read from file
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060074 static int write_file(string fn, string& line); //write from file
75 static int drop_caches(void); //drop linux cache memory
76 static int Check_su_Perms(void); // check perms and owner of su binary in various locations
77 static bool Fix_su_Perms(void); // sets proper permissions for su binaries and superuser apk
Vojtech Bocek37aeb8d2013-08-29 22:38:20 +020078 static int tw_chmod(const string& fn, const string& mode); // chmod function that converts a 3 or 4 char string into st_mode automatically
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060079 static bool Install_SuperSU(void); // Installs su binary and apk and sets proper permissions
Dees_Troy83bd4832013-05-04 12:39:56 +000080 static bool Try_Decrypting_Backup(string Restore_Path, string Password); // true for success, false for failed to decrypt
Ethan Yonkerb5557892014-02-07 21:43:20 -060081 static string System_Property_Get(string Prop_Name); // Returns value of Prop_Name from reading /system/build.prop
Dees Troyb21cc642013-09-10 17:36:41 +000082 static string Get_Current_Date(void); // Returns the current date in ccyy-m-dd--hh-nn-ss format
83 static void Auto_Generate_Backup_Name(); // Populates TW_BACKUP_NAME with a backup name based on current date and from /system/build.prop
Vojtech Bocekd0e38bc2014-02-03 23:36:57 +010084 static void Fixup_Time_On_Boot(); // Fixes time on devices which need it
Vojtech Bocek0b7fe502014-03-13 17:36:52 +010085 static std::vector<std::string> Split_String(const std::string& str, const std::string& delimiter, bool removeEmpty = true); // Splits string by delimiter
Vojtech Bocek03fd6c52014-03-13 18:46:34 +010086 static bool Create_Dir_Recursive(const std::string& path, mode_t mode = 0755, uid_t uid = -1, gid_t gid = -1); // Create directory and it's parents, if they don't exist. mode, uid and gid are set to all _newly_ created folders. If whole path exists, do nothing.
xNUTxe85f02d2014-07-18 01:30:58 +020087 static int Set_Brightness(std::string brightness_value); // Well, you can read, it does what it says, passing return int from TWFunc::Write_File ;)
bigbiff bigbiffc7eee6f2014-09-02 18:59:01 -040088 static bool Toggle_MTP(bool enable); // Disables MTP if enable is false and re-enables MTP if enable is true and it was enabled the last time it was toggled off
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060089
Dees_Troy2673cec2013-04-02 20:22:16 +000091 static void Copy_Log(string Source, string Destination);
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -060092
Dees_Troy2673cec2013-04-02 20:22:16 +000095extern int Log_Offset;
Ethan Yonkeraf2897c2014-02-10 13:07:14 -060096#else
98#endif // ndef BUILD_TWRPTAR_MAIN
Dees_Troy2673cec2013-04-02 20:22:16 +000099
Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -0600100#endif // _TWRPFUNCTIONS_HPP