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Dees_Troy6ef66352013-02-21 08:26:57 -06001#ifndef _TWRPFUNCTIONS_HPP
4#include <string>
6using namespace std;
8typedef enum
10 rb_current = 0,
11 rb_system,
12 rb_recovery,
13 rb_poweroff,
14 rb_bootloader, // May also be fastboot
15 rb_download,
16} RebootCommand;
18// Partition class
19class TWFunc
22 static int Check_MD5(string File);
23 static string Get_Root_Path(string Path); // Trims any trailing folders or filenames from the path, also adds a leading / if not present
24 static string Get_Path(string Path); // Trims everything after the last / in the string
25 static string Get_Filename(string Path); // Trims the path off of a filename
27 static void install_htc_dumlock(void); // Installs HTC Dumlock
28 static void htc_dumlock_restore_original_boot(void); // Restores the backup of boot from HTC Dumlock
29 static void htc_dumlock_reflash_recovery_to_boot(void); // Reflashes the current recovery to boot
30 static int Recursive_Mkdir(string Path); // Recursively makes the entire path
31 static unsigned long long Get_Folder_Size(const string& Path, bool Display_Error); // Gets the size of a folder and all of its subfolders using dirent and stat
32 static bool Path_Exists(string Path); // Returns true if the path exists
33 static void GUI_Operation_Text(string Read_Value, string Default_Text); // Updates text for display in the GUI, e.g. Backing up %partition name%
34 static void GUI_Operation_Text(string Read_Value, string Partition_Name, string Default_Text); // Same as above but includes partition name
35 static unsigned long Get_File_Size(string Path); // Returns the size of a file
36 static void twfinish_recovery(const char *send_intent); // Writes the log to last_log
37 static int tw_reboot(RebootCommand command); // Prepares the device for rebooting
38 static void check_and_run_script(const char* script_file, const char* display_name); // checks for the existence of a script, chmods it to 755, then runs it
39 static int Exec_Cmd(string cmd, string &result); //execute a command and return the result as a string by reference
40 static int removeDir(const string path, bool removeParent); //recursively remove a directory
41 static int copy_file(string src, string dst, int mode); //copy file from src to dst with mode permissions
42 static unsigned int Get_D_Type_From_Stat(string Path); // Returns a dirent dt_type value using stat instead of dirent
43 static timespec timespec_diff(timespec& start, timespec& end); // Return a diff for 2 times
44 static int read_file(string fn, string& results); //read from file
45 static int write_file(string fn, string& line); //write from file
46 static int drop_caches(void); //drop linux cache memory
47 static int Check_su_Perms(void); // check perms and owner of su binary in various locations
48 static bool Fix_su_Perms(void); // sets proper permissions for su binaries and superuser apk
49 static int tw_chmod(string fn, string mode); // chmod function that converts a 4 char string into st_mode automatically
50 static bool Install_SuperSU(void); // Installs su binary and apk and sets proper permissions
53 static void check_and_fclose(FILE *fp, const char *name);
54 static void copy_log_file(const char* source, const char* destination, int append);