Refactor twrpTar to use TarList

Eliminate the use of tarDirs and Generate_MultipleArcives in
favor of Generate_TarList so that we have one method for backup
creation instead of three.

Change-Id: I267937b6e40b32d43fbac8b4cca82f7468d4f94c
diff --git a/twrpTar.hpp b/twrpTar.hpp
index fa3d2ce..17f6959 100644
--- a/twrpTar.hpp
+++ b/twrpTar.hpp
@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@
 	virtual ~twrpTar();
 	int createTarFork();
 	int extractTarFork();
-	int splitArchiveFork();
 	void setexcl(string exclude);
 	void setfn(string fn);
 	void setdir(string dir);
+	void setsize(unsigned long long backup_size);
 	unsigned long long uncompressedSize();
@@ -68,22 +68,19 @@
 	int addFile(string fn, bool include_root);
 	int entryExists(string entry);
 	int closeTar();
-	int create();
-	int Split_Archive();
 	int removeEOT(string tarFile);
 	int extractTar();
-	int tarDirs(bool include_root);
-	int Generate_Multiple_Archives(string Path);
 	string Strip_Root_Dir(string Path);
 	int openTar();
 	int Generate_TarList(string Path, std::vector<TarListStruct> *TarList, unsigned long long *Target_Size, unsigned *thread_id);
 	static void* createList(void *cookie);
 	static void* extractMulti(void *cookie);
-	int tarList(bool include_root, std::vector<TarListStruct> *TarList, unsigned thread_id);
+	int tarList(std::vector<TarListStruct> *TarList, unsigned thread_id);
-	int Archive_File_Count;
 	int Archive_Current_Type;
 	unsigned long long Archive_Current_Size;
+	unsigned long long Total_Backup_Size;
+	bool include_root_dir;
 	TAR *t;
 	int fd;
 	pid_t pigz_pid;
@@ -94,7 +91,6 @@
 	string basefn;
 	vector <string> tarexclude;
-	vector<string> split;
 	std::vector<TarListStruct> *ItemList;
 	int thread_id;