wrappedkey: import fixes from lineage

 vold: Enable legacy support for wrapped key

Legacy wrapped key support was dropped while merging changes
to support multiple versions of dm-default key driver in kernel.
Fix this by calling legacy API to check wrapped key support for
metadata encryption.

CRs-Fixed: 2678344
Change-Id: I7d9efec09ddf7169cf0b1114b4e16b9fe38cad4b
Signed-off-by: Neeraj Soni <neersoni@codeaurora.org>

 system: vold: Use wrapped key for metadata encryption

Wrapped key feature is needed for better security of encryption keys and
ensure data integrity when crypto key cache is cleared during reset
of storage/crypto hardware.

Original patch:
[Pig]: Clean up all deprecated codes that were removed during latter

CRs-Fixed: 2367150
Change-Id: I83d14861bf81e102151fa3417d84008c214a9ac0

 vold: Bring in more wrapped key changes

Change-Id: I44e81afaec78c567a0bf2eed30a79eb737e2a867
7 files changed