Disable stock recovery replacing TWRP during ORS

-Create a separate function to disable stock recovery flashing
-Add a call to that function to the reboot section of the ORS
 action so that an OTA update will not inadvertantly replace TWRP

Change-Id: I43eae81e0e76971b6e8d34c38785dc73772242d2
diff --git a/twrp.cpp b/twrp.cpp
index 4a8b1fb..ef694bf 100644
--- a/twrp.cpp
+++ b/twrp.cpp
@@ -337,13 +337,10 @@
 	// Launch the main GUI
+	// Disable flashing of stock recovery
+	TWFunc::Disable_Stock_Recovery_Replace();
 	// Check for su to see if the device is rooted or not
 	if (PartitionManager.Mount_By_Path("/system", false)) {
-		// Disable flashing of stock recovery
-		if (TWFunc::Path_Exists("/system/recovery-from-boot.p")) {
-			rename("/system/recovery-from-boot.p", "/system/recovery-from-boot.bak");
-			gui_print("Renamed stock recovery file in /system to prevent\nthe stock ROM from replacing TWRP.\n");
-		}
 		if (TWFunc::Path_Exists("/supersu/su") && !TWFunc::Path_Exists("/system/bin/su") && !TWFunc::Path_Exists("/system/xbin/su") && !TWFunc::Path_Exists("/system/bin/.ext/.su")) {
 			// Device doesn't have su installed
 			DataManager::SetValue("tw_busy", 1);