Fix up some TW_OEM_BUILD things

Fix factory reset now properly formats data as expected
Change text for ORS processing
Disable system read only check, SuperSU, and patch system
Stop copying fstab and version to cache

Change-Id: I20f5cae390afbb8d2d88e01b8d9b9bf4ff0fdea1
diff --git a/data.cpp b/data.cpp
index d7b02f1..7364b9f 100644
--- a/data.cpp
+++ b/data.cpp
@@ -1005,6 +1005,7 @@
 void DataManager::Output_Version(void)
+#ifndef TW_OEM_BUILD
 	string Path;
 	char version[255];
@@ -1035,6 +1036,7 @@
 	LOGINFO("Version number saved to '%s'\n", Path.c_str());
 void DataManager::ReadSettingsFile(void)