MTP add/remove storage instead of disabling MTP

Implement a pipe between TWRP and MTP to allow TWRP to tell MTP
to remove storage partitions as they become unavailable (e.g.
during a wipe, unmount, etc) instead of disabling MTP completely.
This includes some fixes and improvements in destructors to
properly remove / delete various items. This also means that we
will not be toggling adb off and on quite as often.

I do not like that we had to add another thread, but we were
unable to use select() on the mtp_usb character device because
this device does not support polling. Select always returned
indicating that the mtp file descriptor was ready to be read and
the resulting read would block. The read block prevented us from
being able to include reading of the pipe between TWRP and MTP in
the main MTP thread.

We might want to add a return pipe letting TWRP know if the
removal of the storage device was successful, but I am not sure
how we want to implement this. It would invovle timeouts in both
TWRP and MTP to ensure that we returned a failure indicator in a
timely manner to TWRP and prevent deleting the storage device in
the case of a failure. Right now we make no attempt to ensure that
an MTP operation is underway like a large file transfer, but we
were not doing anything like this in the past. In some respects we
have limited control over what happens. If the user installs a
zip that unmounts a storage partition, we will not know about the
change in storage status anyway. Regular Android does not have
these troubles because partitions rarely get unmounted like in
recovery. At some point, we have to hold the user accountable for
performing actions that may remove a storage partition while they
are using MTP anyway.

Ideally we do not want to toggle the USB IDs and thus toggle adb
off and on during early boot, but I am not sure what the best way
to handle that at this time.

Change-Id: I9343e5396bf6023d3b994de1bf01ed91d129bc14
diff --git a/partitions.hpp b/partitions.hpp
index 8458e93..43f5535 100644
--- a/partitions.hpp
+++ b/partitions.hpp
@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@
 	string MTD_Name;                                                          // Name of the partition for MTD devices
 	bool Is_Present;                                                          // Indicates if the partition is currently present as a block device
 	string Crypto_Key_Location;                                               // Location of the crypto key used for decrypting encrypted data partitions
+	unsigned int MTP_Storage_ID;
 	bool Has_Data_Media;                                                      // Indicates presence of /data/media, may affect wiping and backup methods
@@ -214,6 +215,10 @@
 	void Output_Storage_Fstab();                                              // Creates a /cache/recovery/storage.fstab file with a list of all potential storage locations for app use
 	bool Enable_MTP();                                                        // Enables MTP
 	bool Disable_MTP();                                                       // Disables MTP
+	bool Add_MTP_Storage(string Mount_Point);                                 // Adds or removes an MTP Storage partition
+	bool Add_MTP_Storage(unsigned int Storage_ID);                            // Adds or removes an MTP Storage partition
+	bool Remove_MTP_Storage(string Mount_Point);                              // Adds or removes an MTP Storage partition
+	bool Remove_MTP_Storage(unsigned int Storage_ID);                         // Adds or removes an MTP Storage partition
 	void Setup_Settings_Storage_Partition(TWPartition* Part);                 // Sets up settings storage
@@ -222,10 +227,13 @@
 	bool Backup_Partition(TWPartition* Part, string Backup_Folder, bool generate_md5, unsigned long long* img_bytes_remaining, unsigned long long* file_bytes_remaining, unsigned long *img_time, unsigned long *file_time, unsigned long long *img_bytes, unsigned long long *file_bytes);
 	bool Restore_Partition(TWPartition* Part, string Restore_Name, int partition_count, const unsigned long long *total_restore_size, unsigned long long *already_restored_size);
 	void Output_Partition(TWPartition* Part);
+	TWPartition* Find_Partition_By_MTP_Storage_ID(unsigned int Storage_ID);   // Returns a pointer to a partition based on MTP Storage ID
+	bool Add_Remove_MTP_Storage(TWPartition* Part, int message_type);   // Adds or removes an MTP Storage partition
 	TWPartition* Find_Next_Storage(string Path, string Exclude);
 	int Open_Lun_File(string Partition_Path, string Lun_File);
 	pid_t mtppid;
 	bool mtp_was_enabled;
+	int mtp_write_fd;
 	std::vector<TWPartition*> Partitions;                                     // Vector list of all partitions