Add optional PartitionManager and Mount_Point to
Get_System_Properties for use during SAR-detect

Change-Id: Ie1ffba53459b7bb77ca47d9cb928b2626c704a05
diff --git a/twrp-functions.hpp b/twrp-functions.hpp
index 3e4e807..9d53ab6 100755
--- a/twrp-functions.hpp
+++ b/twrp-functions.hpp
@@ -24,6 +24,10 @@
 #include "twrpDigest/twrpDigest.hpp"
+#include "partitions.hpp"
 using namespace std;
 #define NON_AB_CACHE_DIR "/cache/"
@@ -90,6 +94,7 @@
 	static int write_to_file(const string& fn, const string& line);             //write to file
 	static bool Try_Decrypting_Backup(string Restore_Path, string Password); // true for success, false for failed to decrypt
 	static string System_Property_Get(string Prop_Name);                // Returns value of Prop_Name from reading /system/build.prop
+	static string System_Property_Get(string Prop_Name, TWPartitionManager &PartitionManager, string Mount_Point);                // Returns value of Prop_Name from reading /system/build.prop
 	static string Get_Current_Date(void);                               // Returns the current date in ccyy-m-dd--hh-nn-ss format
 	static void Auto_Generate_Backup_Name();                            // Populates TW_BACKUP_NAME with a backup name based on current date and from /system/build.prop
 	static void Fixup_Time_On_Boot(const string& time_paths = ""); // Fixes time on devices which need it (time_paths is a space separated list of paths to check for ats_* files)