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2015-05-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.9.4
2015-05-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix exec environment for mount and umount. Found by
Tavis Ormandy (CVE-2015-3202).
2015-02-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix fuse_remove_signal_handlers() to properly restore
the default signal handler. Reported by: Chris Johnson
2014-07-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: highlevel API: fix directory file handle passed to
ioctl() method. Reported by Eric Biggers
2014-07-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: document deadlock avoidance for
fuse_notify_inval_entry() and fuse_notify_delete()
* fusermount, libfuse: send value as unsigned in "user_id=" and
"group_id=" options. Uids/gids larger than 2147483647 would
result in EINVAL when mounting the filesystem. This also needs a
fix in the kernel.
2014-03-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Initilaize stat buffer passed to ->getattr() and ->fgetattr() to
zero in all cases. Reported by Daniel Iwan
2013-08-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: Add missing includes. This allows compiling fuse with
musl. Patch by Daniel Thau
2013-07-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.9.3
2013-06-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix multiple close of device fd. Reported by Dan
2013-03-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix thread cancel race. Exiting a worker my race with
cancelling that same worker. This caused a segmenation
fault. Reported and tested by Anatol Pomozov
2013-02-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix crash in unlock_path(). Patch by Ratna Manoj
* libfuse: fix the 'remember' option. The lru list was not
initialized for the "/" path. This resulted in remove_node_lru()
crashing on LOOKUP-DOTDOT. Patch by Madan Valluri
* libfuse: configure: detect new util-linux
* libfuse: Use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS instead of AM_CONFIG_HEADER.
Patch by Anatol Pomozov
* libfuse: rename ./ to ./ Patch by
Anatol Pomozov
2012-10-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.9.2
2012-10-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix deadlock in libfuse. Running "svn update" on a fuse
filesystem could deadlock because of a bug in the way the paths
are locked. Reported by Kazuaki Anami
2012-08-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix missing config.h in buffer.c. Reported by Matthew Gabeler-Lee
2012-08-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Not unhashing the name in forget (commit on 2011-12-09) broke
the forget logic in a subtle way, resulting in "fuse internal
error: node NNN not found" and causing the filesystem daemon to
abort. Fix by incrementing the node refcount if nlookup goes from
zero to one. Reported by Kyle Lippincott
2012-08-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix linking against GNU libiconv. Patch by Natanael Copa
2012-07-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.9.1
2012-07-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix crash caused by freeing a stack address. Reported by Itay
2012-07-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix install of mount.fuse from out-of-tree build. Patch by
Olivier Blin
* Fix build with automake >= 1.12.1. Patch by Olivier Blin
2012-04-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fallocate operation. Only works on linux kernels 3.5 or
later. Patch by Anatol Pomozov
2012-05-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Linking to a library that uses threads requires the application
to be linked with -pthreads otherwise some pthread functions will
be linked to stubs in glibc. So move -pthread from Libs.private
to Libs in fuse.pc. Reported by Werner Fink
* Fix the compile command in the examples. Reported by Luciano
Dalle Ore
2012-04-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.9.0
2012-04-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing fuse_fs_flock to fuse_versionscript
2012-04-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check protocol version before sending notifications and return
-ENOSYS if a particular notification is not supported.
* Add 'flag_utime_omit_ok' flag to fuse_operations. If the
filesystem sets this flag then ->utimens() will receive UTIME_OMIT
and UTIME_NOW values as specified in utimensat(2).
2012-01-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Interpret octal escape codes in options. Requested by Jan
2012-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add man pages for fusermount, mount.fuse and ulockmgr_server.
Lifted from the Debian package. The man pages were written by
Daniel Baumann and Bastien Roucaries
2012-01-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Disable symbol versions on MacOSX. Patch by Anatol Pomozov
2012-01-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove unnecessary mutex unlock at the end of multithreaded
event loop.
2011-12-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix hang in wait_on_path(). Reported by Ville Silventoinen
* Don't unhash name in FORGET. This resulted in ENOENT being
returned for unlinked but still open files if the kernel sent a
FORGET request for the parent directory.
* Free request in fuse_reply_data().
2011-12-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix build if FUSE_NODE_SLAB is not defined. Patch by Emmanuel
* Check for availability of utimensat() function. Patch by
Emmanuel Dreyfus
2011-12-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fuse_lowlevel_notify_delete() which tells the kernel that a
file or directory is deleted. Patch by John Muir
2011-12-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Update retrieve_reply() method
2011-12-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Low level API: lock argument of fuse_reply_lock should have a
'const' qualifier. Reported by Shachar Sharon
* Add support for ioctl on directories. Reported by Antonio SJ
2011-10-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Reply to request with ENOMEM in case of failure to allocate
request structure. Otherwise the task issuing the request will
just freeze up until the filesystem daemon is killed. Reported by
Stephan Kulow
2011-09-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Replace daemon() function with fork(). Patch by Anatol Pomozov
2011-08-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* If configured with --disable-mtab then don't call mount(8) from
libfuse to update the mtab. Reported by: James Sierp
2011-08-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use LRU list for cleaning up the cache if the "remember=T"
option was given. Patch by
2011-07-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add ->flock() operation to low and high level interfaces. This
fixes problems with emulating flock() with POSIX locking.
Reported by Sebastian Pipping. As with lock/setlk/getlk most
filesystems don't need to implement this, as the kernel takes care
of file locking. The only reason to implement locking operations
is for network filesystems which want file locking to work between
2011-07-02 Sebastian Pipping <>
* Make xmp_utimens of examples "fusexmp" and "fusexmp_fh"
not follow symlinks as other layers do that already.
2011-06-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add "remember" option. This works similar to "noforget" except
that eventually the node will be allowed to expire from the cache.
Patch by
2011-05-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check if splice/vmsplice are supported
2011-05-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove -lrt -ldl from fuse.pc for dynamic linking since is already linked with these libraries. Reported by:
Nikolaus Rath
2011-05-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Cleaner build output. Patch by Reuben Hawkins
2011-05-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Disable splice by default, add "splice_read", "splice_write" and
"splice_move" options. Keep the "no_splice_*" variants, which can
disable splice even if the filesystem explicitly enables it.
2011-04-15 Max Krasnyansky <>
* Added support for "auto_unmount" option which unmounts the
filesystem automatically on process exit (or crash).
2011-03-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Patches by Laszlo Papp fixing various issues found by the
Coverity checker
2011-03-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* In case of failure to add to /etc/mtab don't umount. Reported
by Marc Deslauriers
2011-02-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: In fuse_session_loop_mt() don't pause when exiting the
worker threads. The pause() was added in 2.2.1 to prevent
segfault on pthread_cancel() on an exited, detached thread. Now
worker threads are not detached and pthread_cancel() should work
fine even after the thread exited. Reported by Boris Protopopov
2011-01-31 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: chdir to / before performing mount/umount
* fusermount: only allow mount and umount if util-linux supports
2010-12-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Highlevel lib: allow hash tables to shrink
* Highlevel lib: add slab allocation for node cache. This will
allow the memory used by the filesystem to grow and shrink
depending on how many inodes are currently cached.
2010-12-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Highlevel lib: use dynamically resized hash table for looking up
by name and node ID.
2010-12-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Allow batching of forget requests. This allows forget requests
to be processed faster and doesn't require a modification to fuse
filesystems. Reported by Terje Malmedal
* Add ->forget_multi() operation to the lowlevel API. The
filesystem may implement this to process multiple forget requests
in one call
* Fix the ambiguity of ioctl ABI on the kernel/userspace boundary
for 32bit vs. 64bit userspace
2010-11-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add new write_buf() method to the highlevel API. Similarly to
the lowlevel write_buf() method, this allows implementing zero
copy writes.
* Add a new read_buf() method to the highlevel API. This allows
returning a generic buffer from the read method, which in turn
allows zero copy reads.
* In fusexmp_fh implement the ->read_buf() and ->write_buf()
methods. Leave the ->read() and ->write() implementations for
reference, even though they are not necessary.
2010-11-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix check for read-only fs in mtab update
* Open /dev/null for write instead of read for redirecting stdout
and stderr
* If umount(8) supports --fake and --no-canonicalize (util-linux-ng
version 2.18 or later), and umount(2) supports the
UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW flag (linux kernel version 2.6.35 or later) then,
"fusermount -u" will call the umount(2) system call and use
"umount --fake ..." to update /etc/mtab
* Added --disable-legacy-umount option to configure. This
disables the runtime checking of umount(8) version. When built
with this option then "fusermount -u" will fail if umount(8)
doesn't support the --fake and --no-canonicalize options.
* Fix fuse_buf_copy() if already at the end of the buffers
* Add new ->write_buf() method to low level interface. This
allows passig a generic buffer, either containing a memory buffer
or a file descriptor. This allows implementing zero copy writes.
* Add fuse_session_receive_buf() and fuse_session_process_buf()
which may be used in event loop implementations to replace
fuse_chan_recv() and fuse_session_process() respectively.
* Remove unnecessary restoring of current working directory in
"fusermount -u"
* Add ctx->pid to debug output
* Fix st_nlink value in high level lib if file is unlinked but
still open
* libfuse: add store request. Request data to be stored in the
kernel buffers for a given inode.
* libfuse: add retrieve request. Retrieve data stored in the
kernel buffers for a given inode.
2010-10-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use LTLIBICONV when linking libfuse. This fixes building against
uclibc + libiconv. Patch by Natanael Copa
2010-10-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing argument check in ulockmgr.c to prevent calling
ulockmgr_server with illegal arguments. This would cause an ever
growing list of ulockmgr_server processes with an endless list of
open files which finally exceeds the open file handle limit.
Patch by Markus Ammer
2010-09-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix ambiguous symbol version for fuse_chan_new.
fuse_versionscript included fuse_chan_new in both FUSE_2.4 and
FUSE_2.6. Remove the FUSE_2.4, which is invalid.
2010-09-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix option escaping for fusermount. If the "fsname=" option
contained a comma then the option parser in fusermount was
confused (Novell bugzilla #641480). Fix by escaping commas when
passing them over to fusermount. Reported by Jan Engelhardt
2010-08-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add NetBSD support. Patch from Emmanuel Dreyfus
2010-07-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: add buffer interface. Add a generic buffer interface
for use with I/O. Buffer vectors are supplied and each buffer in
the vector may be a memory pointer or a file descriptor.
* The fuse_reply_fd() interface is converted to using buffers.
2010-06-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make the number of max background requests and congestion
threshold tunable. New options are "max_background" and
"congestion_threshold". Only effective on linux kernel versions
2.6.32 or greater. Patch by Csaba Henk
2010-06-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fuse_reply_fd() reply function to the low level interface.
On linux version 2.6.35 or greater this will use splice() to move
data directly from a file descriptor to the fuse device without
needing to go though a userspace buffer. With the
FUSE_REPLY_FD_MOVE flag the kernel will attempt to move the data
directly into the filesystem's cache. On earlier kernels it will
fall back to an intermediate buffer. The options
"no_splice_write" and "no_splice_move" can be used to disable
splicing and moving respectively.
2010-06-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix out-of-source build. Patch by Jörg Faschingbauer
* Add a "nopath" option and flag, indicating that path argument
need not be calculated for the following operations: read, write,
flush, release, fsync, readdir, releasedir, fsyncdir, ftruncate,
fgetattr, lock, ioctl and poll.
2010-05-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove "chmod root" from install of fusermount. Reported by
Lucas C. Villa Real
2010-04-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.4
2010-04-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix checking for symlinks in umount from /tmp. Reported by Al
* Fix umounting if /tmp is a symlink. Reported by Franco Broi
2010-02-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix definition of FUSE_OPT_END for C++. Reported by Tim
2010-02-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix stack alignment for clone()
2010-02-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.3
2010-02-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Using "--no-canonicalize" with umount(8) conflicts with the race
fix, sinceit assumes the supplied path is absolute, while the race
fix relies on the path being relative to the current directory.
Reported by Tom Rindborg
2010-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.2
2010-01-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix race if two "fusermount -u" instances are run in parallel.
Reported by Dan Rosenberg
* Make sure that the path to be unmounted doesn't refer to a
2010-01-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compile error on FreeBSD. Patch by Jay Sullivan
2009-12-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use '--no-canonicalize' option of mount(8) (available in
util-linux-ng version 2.17 or greater) to avoid calling
readling(2) on the newly mounted filesystem before the mount
procedure is finished. This has caused a deadlock if "audit" was
enabled in the kernel. Also use '--no-canonicalize' for umount to
avoid touching the mounted filesystem.
2009-09-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.1
2009-08-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix missing versioned symbol fuse_get_context@FUSE_2.2
2009-08-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.0
2009-08-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing fuse_session_data to versionscript
* Make sure all global symbols are prefixed with "fuse_" or "cuse_"
2009-07-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clarify how the protocol version should be negotiated between
kernel and userspace. Notably libfuse didn't correctly handle the
case when the supported major versions didn't match
* Add missing pthread link for libulockmgr. Patch by Petr Salinger
2009-07-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* The context is extended with a 'umask' field. The umask is sent
for mknod, mkdir and create requests by linux kernel version
2.6.31 or later, otherwise the umask is set to zero. Also
introduce a new feature flag: FUSE_CAP_DONT_MASK. If the kernel
supports this feature, then this flag will be set in conn->capable
in the ->init() method. If the filesystem sets this flag in in
conn->want, then the create modes will not be masked.
* Add low level interfaces for lookup cache and attribute
invalidation. This feature is available in linux kernels 2.6.31
or later. Patch by John Muir
* Kernel interface version is now 7.12
* fusermount: Do not silently ignore command line arguments.
Patch by Sebastian Harl
2009-06-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.0-pre3
2009-06-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fuse_getgroups (high level lib) and fuse_req_getgroups (low
level lib) functions to query the supplementary group IDs for the
current request. Currently this is implemented on Linux by
reading from the /proc filesystem.
2009-06-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add "noforget" option to high level lib to prevent ESTALE errors
on NFS exported filesystems. This result in paths being cached
forever, resulting in ever growing memory usage. Use with care.
* Add "no_remote_lock" option to disable remote file locking even
if the filesystem implements it. With this option locking
primitives (flock, lockf, fcntl(F_SETLK)) will still work, but
will ignore remotely locked files.
* CUSE patches from Tejun Heo:
* Unrestricted ioctl support left some debris. Clean them up:
o No reason to pass around pointer to flags. Pass flags directly.
o Clean up comment and prototype parameter names.
o fuse_lib_ioctl() didn't reply when get_path() failed. Fix it.
o Remove unused variables {in|out}_iov from fuse_lib_ioctl().
* Add fuse_reply_ioctl_iov()
* Move fuse_session, fuse_req and fuse_ll definitions to fuse_i.h
and make send_reply_iov() and fuse_setup_common() global (also in
fuse_i.h). These will be used by CUSE support.
* Restructure fuse_ll_process()
* Implement libfuse side of CUSE support. CUSE uses subset of FUSE
operations as dir operations don't make sense for CUSE where one
instance implements single character device.
CUSE support comes with its own cuse_lowevel_ops and related
initialization and helper functions. Except for initialization, it
usage is basically identical to FUSE.
This patch also adds example/cusexmp.c which can create a character
device with name and device number specified on command line. The
created device itself is pretty boring. It's a bit bucket supporting
read, write and access via ioctl.
2009-06-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing fuse_reply_bmap to versionscript. Debian
Bug#531329. Reported by Goswin Brederlow
2009-05-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't call forget_node() if the lookup was negative and write()
for the reply returned ENOENT. Reported by John Haxby
2009-05-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add FUSE_CAP_EXPORT_SUPPORT to fuse_common.h
2009-05-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix missing newlines in some printfs
* Fix 'make install-strip'. Reported by Dominick Layfield
2009-01-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.0-pre2
2008-12-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Implement poll support. Patch by Tejun Heo
* Add missing setattr flags to <fuse_lowlevel.h>.
* Only pass valid flags to ->setattr().
2008-12-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Implement ioctl support. On high level interface only
"restricted" ioctls are supported (which are defined with the
_IO(), _IOR(), _IOW() or _IOWR() macros). Unrestricted ioctls
will only be allwed to CUSE (Character Device in Userspace)
servers. Patch by Tejun Heo
2008-11-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* If open sets fi->nonseekable, libfuse will tell the kernel that
the file is not seekable. Patch by Tejun Heo
2008-11-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lowlevel lib: fix deadlock if fuse_reply_* is called from the
interrupt handling function. Reported by Tero Marttila
2008-10-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Allow commas in options to be escaped with a backslash
* Add new function: fuse_opt_add_opt_escaped()
* Add missing fuse_reply_bmap() to the version script
2008-10-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Pass current file flags to read and write operations
2008-07-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clean up debug output in highlevel lib
2008-07-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.8.0-pre1
2008-06-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix handling of (no)suid and (no)dev options if filesystem is
mounted from /etc/fstab or via mount(8). Reported by Jan Ondrej.
* Skip calling mount(8) if /etc/mtab doesn't exist or if it's on a
read-only filesystem. This works around issues with certain mount
implementations. Reported by Szabolcs Szakacsits.
2008-06-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove fuse kernel module sources. Linux 2.6.27 will support
NFS exporting.
2008-06-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix theoretical infinite loops in libfuse. Reported by Szabolcs
* Fix missing <sys/param.h> include for PATH_MAX. Reported by
Szabolcs Szakacsits
2008-05-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix mounting over symlink. Reported by Szabolcs Szakacsits
2008-05-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't allow bigger than 4kB writes by default on 2.6.26 and
later kernels, so that filesystems not expecting this are not
broken on a kernel upgrade. Provide a 'big_writes' mount option
to enable this feature. In future API revisions this may become
the default.
2008-04-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Update warning message for missing newline at end of fuse.conf
* Update debug message for successful operation to not include the
string "error:"
2008-04-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Update error message for missing mountpoint parameter. Reported
by Allen Pulsifer
2008-04-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Print library version information to debug output
* Highlevel lib: don't limit paths to 4095 characters
2008-03-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix memory leaks on mount. Patch by Szabolcs Szakacsits
2008-03-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix missing pthread_mutex_destroy in error path of
fuse_lib_opendir(). Patch by Szabolcs Szakacsits
2008-03-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add queuing on contention to per-node lock algorithm, to avoid
* Only enable cancelation when reading a request, otherwise
cancellation could happen with a mutex held, which could hang the
process on umount
2008-02-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Block SIGCHLD when executing mount and umount
* fusexmp_fh: avoid unnecessary seeking in readdir
* Update kernel interface to 7.9:
* Support receiving file handle from kernel in GETATTR request
* Allow operations with a NULL path argument, if the filesystem
supports it
* Add support atomic open(O_TRUNC)
* Support the st_blksize field in struct stat
* If the "FUSE_THREAD_STACK" environment is set, initialize the
stack size of threads by this value. Patch by Florin Malita
* Add per-node locking, instead of a global tree lock to protect
the path from changing during operations. Original patch by
Rodrigo Castro
2008-02-03 Csaba Henk <>
* lib/mount_bsd.c:
- string formatting fixes
- exit if mounting has failed
(in FreeBSD a mount failure is not critical per se, as the daemon
still could be mounted externally, but waiting for such an event
is more confusing than fruitful)
- ditch the kvm(8) stuff and simply use forced unmount which just
won't block
- prettify option specifications
- add "-onosync_unmount" kernel option
2008-01-07 Csaba Henk <>
* lib/mount_bsd.c:
- refine device closing in a race-free way
- add support for "-osubtype" on FreeBSD
* make it work under FreeBSD
2008-01-03 Csaba Henk <>
* lib/mount_bsd.c: close device before unmount
(cf. lib/mount.c rev. 1.43) and fix some warnings
2007-12-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix './configure --disable-static'. Patch from Ismail Dönmez
2007-12-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.7.2
2007-12-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix kernel module compile for 2.6.24
* Invalidate attributes of parent directory after create(), since
the modification time changes. Invalidate attributes on rename,
since some filesystems may update st_ctime. Reported by Szabolcs
* Fix NFS exporting to handle 64bit node IDs
* Disable old symbol versions if __UCLIBC__ is defined. If a
symbol in a library has multiple versions, the runtime linker in
uClibc seems to randomly choose between them.
* Remove erroneous 'fuse_opt_insert_arg@FUSE_2_5' from
fuse_version_script. fuse_opt_free_args() was added in fuse-2.6.
* Close fuse device file descriptor before calling umount(),
preventing a deadlock when umount is synchronous. Reported by
Szabolcs Szakacsits
2007-11-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* 'fusermount -u' did not umount the filesystem if /etc/mtab was a
symlink. This bug was introduced in 2.7.1 by "Don't call
/bin/[u]mount if /etc/mtab is a symlink". Found by robertsong.
2007-10-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.7.1
2007-10-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clarify licence version to be "LGPLv2" for the library
* kernel fixes:
* After mount set nlink attribute for the root inode to 1
* Fix wake up of task waiting for a reserved request
* Fix allowing setattr, listxattr and statfs for other users
2007-09-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing context initialization in fuse_fs_chmod(). Bug
found by "iohead"
* Fix kernel module compilation for 2.6.23. Based on patch by
Marian Marinov
2007-09-04 Philippe Elie <>
* lib/fuse_lowlevel.c: fix a fuse_req leak in do_forget()
2007-07-31 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Work around hotplug issue, that it calls filesystem with file
descriptors 0, 1 and 2 not open. Tracked down by Leif Johnson
2007-07-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't call /bin/[u]mount if /etc/mtab is a symlink. Reported by
Tomas M
* Also don't touch /etc/mtab if it is within the mounted
filesystem. Suggested by Jeffrey Law
2007-07-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Reset args->argc in fuse_opt_free_args(). Patch by Lucas
C. Villa Real
2007-07-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.7.0
2007-07-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Accept a NULL "op" for fuse_main(), etc. This is useful if
filesystem is only invoking fuse to print a help message, or
version. Fixes RedHat bugzilla #217343
2007-06-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: fix locking when loading a filesystem module
2007-06-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fs subtype support to mount.fuse
2007-06-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fs subtype support to libfuse and fusermount
2007-06-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: sync with mainline (2.6.22)
2007-06-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Send debug output to stderr instead of stdout. Patch by Jan
2007-06-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libulockmgr: Work around a kernel bug in recv(), causing it to
sometimes return zero even if data was available on the socket.
2007-05-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: optimization: store parent pointer in node instead of
parent id
2007-05-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: don't create new thread for each FORGET request. FORGET
messages sometimes caused so many threads to be created, that
process virtual memory space ran out. Reported by Chris AtLee
2007-05-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: fix memory leak on thread creation failure in multithreaded
event loop. Found by Chris AtLee
2007-05-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lowlevel lib: add fuse_reply_iov function, which is similar to
fuse_reply_buf, but accepts a vector of buffers. Patch by Roger
2007-05-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix Oops or error if a regular file is created with mknod(2) on
a fuse filesystem. Kernels 2.6.18 onward are affected. Thanks to
J. Cameijo Cerdeira for the report
2007-05-11 Csaba Henk <>
* libfuse: fix return value of fuse_loop()/fuse_loop_mt().
Error reported by Csaba Henk, fix by Miklos Szeredi
* libfuse: fix unlock in flush
* libfuse: do unlocking on RELEASE+FLUSH
2007-05-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.7.0-rc1
2007-05-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: sync with mainline:
* Use invalidate_mapping_pages() if available
* Fix BUG when invalid file type is supplied in mount. Patch by
Timo Savola
2007-04-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: call umount(8) directly instead of fusermount if
* Clean up init script, make it LSB compliant
2007-04-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* In multithreaded loop, use a semaphore instead of SIGHUP to wake
up the main thread on umount. This is more elegant, and works
even if signals are blocked.
2007-04-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Improve mounting support in libfuse:
- check non-empty mountpoint
- only fall back to fusermount when necessary
2007-04-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't chdir to "/" in foreground mode, it causes more trouble
than it's worth
2007-04-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Replace utils/mount.fuse "sh" script with a "C" program
2007-04-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add -lulockmgr to compilation comment in fusexmp_fh.c
2007-04-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check for iconv. Patch by Csaba Henk
* Add direct umounting
* Use "fusectl" as the device for the fusectl filesystem. Debian
Bug#417945. Reported by Laurent Bonnaud
2007-04-01 Csaba Henk <>
* Fix some FreeBSD related macros.
2007-03-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add support for direct mounting by libfuse. Fall back on
calling fusermount if it doesn't work
2007-03-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.7.0-pre1
2007-03-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Correctly handle O_APPEND in direct IO mode. Reported by Greg
* mount.fuse should use /bin/bash. Debian Bug#413403. Reported
by Thomas Weinbrenner
2007-02-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix detection of installed fuse in init script. Reported and
fix suggested by Davide Canova
2007-02-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix 2.6.9 RHEL kernels, which have compatibility mutex.h, but
don't define mutex_destroy(), bummer. Patch from Phil Schwan
2007-02-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Compile fuseblk for kernels which don't have an option to turn
off the block layer (CONFIG_BLOCK). Reported by Szakacsits
2007-02-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add filesystem stacking support to high level API. Filesystem
modules can be built into libfuse or loaded from shared object
(.so) files
* Add 'subdir' and 'iconv' built in modules
* lib/fuse.c: Fix locking for the reply code in create and open
2007-02-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: make it compile on "strange" kernels which have emulated
mutexes via <linux/mutex.h> but no i_mutex. Reported by Tomasz
2007-01-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix BUG in control filesystem if it is umounted and
mounted again, while some fuse filesystems are present.
Bugreport from Florent Mertens
* kernel: sync with mainline, support 2.6.20
2007-01-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib/ actually link libfuse against libfuse_libs
2007-01-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Build fix for 2.6.16 vanila and 2.6.15 FC5 kernels. Patch from
Ian Abbott
2007-01-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix abort in fuse_new() compatibility API for opts == NULL case.
Novell bugzilla #233870. Patch from Takashi Iwai.
2007-01-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix option parsing in mount.fuse. Patch from Jens M. Noedler
2007-01-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix unaligned access in file desctriptor passing in libfuse,
fusermount and ulockmgr. Debian bug ID: 404904. Reported and
tested by Sebastian Fontius
2006-12-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: don't keep unreferenced inodes in the icache.
2006-12-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: Fix detection of fuseblk. Reported by Szakacsits
* lib: Fix use after free in fuse_flush(). Reported by Ron
2006-12-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* mount.fuse: add "setuid=USER" option which does a "su - USER"
for the filesystem
* fusermount: use "/bin/mount -f" to add entry to /etc/mtab, and
"/bin/umount" to remove entry from /etc/mtab. This gets rid of
the ugly code dealing with mtab, as well as a possible race
between fusermount and mount trying to modify /etc/mtab at the
same time
* Fix "buffer size too small: 4" warning for users of the
fuse_loop_mt_proc() function.
2006-12-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix warnings with gcc-4.1 on 64bit archs. Report from
* Add extra warning options, and fix resulting warnings
* Really fix fuse_teardown problem
2006-12-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add -lrt to fuse.pc (if needed) to fix static linking against
libfuse. Reported by Szakacsits Szabolcs
2006-12-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.1
2006-11-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix API version 21 and 22 compatibility for fuse_teardown.
Reported by Bgs
2006-11-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: Print a more helpful message in case the kernel
doesn't support the 'fuseblk' filesystem type. This has been
biting ntfs-3g users. Reported by Yura Pakhuchiy
* kernel: fix build problem for "make -C ...". Reported by
Stephen Bryant
2006-11-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in certain error paths of lookup routines. The request
object was reused for sending FORGET, which is illegal. This bug
could cause an Oops in linux-2.6.18 or in fuse-2.6.0, and might
silently corrupt memory in earlier versions. Report and test
program by Russ Cox
2006-11-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Print an error if an incompatible kernel interface version is
detected in INIT. This will only show if filesystem is started
with -d or -f
* Fix order of fuse_destroy()/fuse_unmount() in error cleanup of
fuse_setup_common(). Reported by Szakacsits Szabolcs
2006-11-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix recursive locking in fuse_create(). Thanks to Takuya
Ishibashi for the bug report
2006-10-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix automake problem. Patch from Nix
2006-10-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix mount.fuse to use /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash, which is not
always available on embedded systems. Patch from Paul Smith
* Fix util/, so that failure to run update-rc.d or
device creation doesn't cause make to fail. Reported by Paul
2006-10-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0
2006-10-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: don't try to create a lock file if /etc/mtab is a
symlink. Report and patch from Alexei Sheplyakov (debian bug
2006-10-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Minor changes, sync with mainline tree
2006-10-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-rc3
2006-10-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: cleanups
2006-10-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: Fix compilation on patched 2.6.18 (fc6) and 2.6.19.
Report from David Shaw
* lib: Fix lost error on renaming a file. Report from David Shaw
* lib: Fix lost error on hiding open files (renaming to
* kernel: Fix a rare hang on SMP/32bit on heavy filesystem
activity. The cause of the bug was that some calls to
i_size_write() were not protected by a lock, and hence
i_size_seqcount could become corrupted. This caused subsequent
calls to i_size_read() to spin forever. This is a long standing
bug was probably introduced in version 2.2, and thought to be
related to NFS exporting (it's not). It was reported by various
people, but Dana Henriksen has finally helped me to track it down,
so big thanks to him
* kernel: Protect against truncation of a swapfile
2006-10-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: Check for signature of super_operations->umount_begin().
Ubuntu kernel 2.6.17 seems to use the new signature found in
2.6.18. Thanks to Florent Mertens for the report
2006-10-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make sure inode numers wrap around at 2^32. This is needed on
dual 64bit/32bit architectures, because 32bit applications using
the non-largefile interface would otherwise break (EOVERFLOW error
would be returned by the stat() system call family)
* ulockmgr: handle the case, when a locking operation fails
because no more file desctriptors are available in
ulockmgr_server. Also work around a Linux kernel bug (known to
exist for all Linux kernel versions <= 2.6.18) which may cause
sent file descriptors to be lost in the above case
* ulockmgr: optimize file descriptor use
* restore needed cpp flags to util/
* Install udev rules as 99-fuse.rules instead of 60-fuse.rules
* Minor clean up of udev rules
* Add a synchronous DESTROY message to kernel interface. This is
invoked from umount, when the final instance of the filesystem is
released. It is only sent for filesystems mounted with the
'blkdev' option for security reasons.
* If the DESTROY message is received, call the filesystem's
->destroy() method. In this case it's not called from session
destruction as it would be otherwise.
2006-10-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-rc2
2006-10-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add support for FLUSH+RELEASE operation for FreeBSD. Original
patch by Csaba Henk
* Add init script to insert fuse module and mount the control
filesystem. The script is installed as /etc/init.d/fuse and on
debian based systems (where update-rc.d is available) symlinks
from /etc/rc*.d/ are also installed.
* Include '#define FUSE_USE_VERSION=XX' into examples so they
become more self contained.
2006-09-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* API changes:
* Move lock_owner from a separate argument into fuse_file_info
* Add a flag to fuse_file_info indicating (1) a highlevel lock
operation (unlock all) was initiated by a flush, (2) a lowlevel
release operation should perform a flush as well.
* fusermount: revert modprobe change (2006-08-18) since it
doesn't work reliably with udev
* Add support for block device backed filesystems. This mode is
selected with the 'blkdev' option, which is privileged.
* Add support for the bmap (FIBMAP ioctl) operation on block
device backed filesystems. This allows swapon and lilo to work on
such filesystems.
* kernel changes:
* Drop support for kernels earlier than 2.6.9. Kernel module from
previous (2.5.x) release can be used with library from this
* In fuse_dentry_revalidate() use dget_parent() instead of
dereferencing d_parent, since there's no protection against parent
changing and going away
* Protect nlookup from concurrent updates
* In lookup if a directory alias exists but is unused,
then get rid of it, otherwise return -EBUSY.
* In mkdir if a directory alias exists, return success, but leave
dentry negative. In reality this could happen if a remote rename
immediately followed the mkdir.
* Don't BUG in fuse_iget() if multiple retries are needed to get a
good inode. This could happen if several lookups are racing for
the same inode.
2006-09-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compilation on 2.6.9. Report from Troy Ayers
2006-09-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix Oops in fuse_readpages(). Reported by David Shaw
2006-09-24 Csaba Henk <>
* Add support for nanosec times on FreeBSD
* Fix FreeBSD compatibility issues
2006-09-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix one more compatibility bug. Thanks to Ricardo Correia
* Fix utimens compilation with uClibc. Patch from Jamie Guinan
2006-09-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fixed several compatibility bugs in low level interface.
Reported by Ricardo Correia
* Add workaround for ARM caching bug
2006-09-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Rename new utimes() method to more logical utimens()
2006-09-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fuse tried to unlink already unlinked hidden files. Bug
reported by Milan Svoboda
2006-09-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-rc1
2006-09-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: Fix unlock on close for kernels < 2.6.18
* Add ulockmgr library & server. This can be used for handling
file locking requests either directly from libfuse or over a
network, etc. This first version is not optimized and the number
of file descriptors it uses may get out of hand
2006-09-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: Add interrupt support to high level library, which may be
enabled with the 'intr' mount option.
* When an operation is interrupted the thread handling that
operation will receive SIGUSR1 (or other signal specified with the
'intr_signal=N' option). The library installs a no-op signal
handler for this signal, unless there's already a handler
* The filesystem may query interrupt status (regardless of 'intr')
with the fuse_interrupted() function.
* mount.fuse: initialize $HOME if not set. Report from Sven Goldt
2006-09-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: Multithreaded loop now allows unlimited number of threads.
This is needed for locking operations which may block
indefinitely. Also the kernel now doesn't limit the number of
outstanding requests so the library shouldn't do so either.
2006-09-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix recursive lock bug in interrupt handling
* Add utimes() method to highlevel interface, which supports
setting times with nanosecond resolution
2006-08-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix page leak if fuse_readpages() failed in it's
initialization. Bug found and original patch from Alexander
* For linux kernels >=2.6.18 (2.6.19 if using the fuse module from
the kernel tree) the statfs method will receive the path within
the filesystem on which the stat(v)fs syscall was called
* fusermount: try to modprobe fuse module if invoked by root and
unable to open device. This is needed with udev, since the device
node will be created only when the module is inserted, hence
module autoloading won't work. Reported by Szakacsits Szabolcs
2006-07-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: if selinux is active, restore the original file's
security context in unmount_rename(). Redhat bugzilla id 188561.
Patch from Yves Perrenoud
* Add POSIX file locking operation to high level library
* Initialize context for unlink of hidden files on umount. Bug
reported by Tim Stoakes
2006-07-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Multiple release() calls can race with each other, resulting in
the hidden file being deleted before the last release finishes.
Bug found and patch tested by Mark Huijgen
2006-07-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: if /dev/fuse doesn't exist, suggest modprobing fuse;
this makes sense on systems using udev. Reported by Szakacsits
2006-06-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-pre3
2006-06-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Support in kernel module for file locking and interruption. The
same functionality is available in official kernels >= 2.6.18
2006-06-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add POSIX file locking support
* Add request interruption
2006-06-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing pthread_rwlock_destroy(). Patch from Remy Blank
2006-06-05 Remy Blank <>
* lib: canonicalize mount point in fuse_helper_opt_proc() so that
unmounting succeeds even if mount point was relative.
2006-06-04 Csaba Henk <>
* lib: fix emergency umount in helper.c when malloc fails.
(The way it was done would end up in a segfault.)
2006-06-01 Csaba Henk <>
* lib: adjust threading related compiler flags.
Switch to "-pthread" from "-lpthread" as that's the preferred
one on several platforms. Consulted with Terrence Cole and
Miklos Szeredi
2006-05-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: search fusermount in installation directory (bindir) as
well as in PATH.
2006-05-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: fix compilation if CLOCK_MONOTONIC is not defined.
Reported by Christian Magnusson
2006-04-23 Csaba Henk <>
* lib: make FreeBSD mount routine recognize if kernel features
backgrounded init and if it does, run the mount util in foreground
(similarly to Linux)
2006-04-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix fput deadlock fix, the lockless solution could lead
to "VFS: busy inodes after umount..."
* kernel: fix race between checking and setting file->private_data
for the device. Found by Al Viro
2006-04-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: remove request pool, instead allocate requests on
demand. Account the number of background requests, and if they go
over a limit, block the allocation of new requests.
* kernel: fix deadlock if backgrounded request holds the last
reference to the super block
* kernel: don't use fuse_reset_request() during direct I/O
2006-04-06 Csaba Henk <>
* lib: Let FreeBSD mount option parsing routine recognize "no"
prefixes for FUSE specific options as well
2006-04-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: Add missing rwlock initialization. Patch by Ryan Bradetich
2006-03-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* API changes:
* fuse_main(), fuse_setup() and fuse_new() have an additionl
user_data parameter
* fuse_mount() returns a 'struct fuse_chan' pointer instead of a
file descriptor
* fuse_unmount() receives a 'struct fuse_chan' pointer. It
destroys the given channel
* fuse_teardown() no longer has a file descriptor parameter
* new exported functions: fuse_session_remove_chan(),
fuse_get_session(), fuse_daemonize()
* fuse_chan_recv() may now return a new channel which will be used
to send the reply
2006-03-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-pre2
2006-03-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't unmount if already unmounted. This fixes a problem seen
in the following situation: Lazy unmount a busy filesystem; Mount
a new one in top; When the first finally unmounts, the second also
unmounts. Reported by Franco Broi
2006-03-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lowlevel lib: use indirect function calls instead of a
switch/case construct. Besides increased efficiency it helps
maintainability & readability too. Patch from Florin Malita
2006-03-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: replace global spinlock with a per-connection spinlock
2006-03-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix source compatibility breakage for fuse_unmount(). Report
from Yura Pakhuchiy
2006-03-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix O_ASYNC handling in fuse_dev_release(). From Jeff Dike
2006-03-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add O_ASYNC and O_NONBLOCK support to FUSE device. Patch by
Jeff Dike
* Renamed fuse_chan_receive() to fuse_chan_recv() and changed
interface to return -errno in case of error.
2006-03-01 Csaba Henk <>
* libfuse: pass device file descriptor to fuse_unmount(), rewrite
FreeBSD implementation so that it uses libc (sysctl backed) instead
of an embdedded script (kmem backed). Adjust the control flow of
hello_ll so that device doesn't get closed before unmount attempt.
2006-02-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Lowlevel lib: return all-zero statvfs data if filesystem doesn't
implement method. This is needed on FreeBSD, and nicer on Linux
too. Highlevel lib already did this. Reported by Csaba Henk
* Fix negative entry handling. There was a bug, that negative
lookups with timeouts (nodeid == 0) returned -EIO.
2006-02-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix race between RELEASE and UNLINK, which might leave
.fuse_hidden* files around
2006-02-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusexmp_fh: implement flush() method and call close() on the
open file descriptor. This is needed if used on an NFS
filesystem, which buffers data until file is closed. Franco Broi
spotted the situation when 'cp -p' failed to set the modification
time because of this.
2006-02-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.6.0-pre1
2006-02-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: fix use-after-free bug in interruptred reply_entry().
Patch from John Muir
* libfuse: fix wrong symbol versioning for fuse_mount. Debian bug
ID: 352631. Found by Stéphane Rosi
2006-02-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Lowlevel lib: Unify fuse_dirent_size() and fuse_add_dirent()
into a single function fuse_add_direntry(). This cleans up the
interface and makes it possible to do stacking.
2006-02-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix rare race betweeen abort and release caused by failed iget()
in fuse_create_open().
* Add 'ac_attr_timeout' option e.g. for filesystems which do their
own attribute caching.
2006-02-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Work around FreeBSD runtime linker "feature" which binds an old
version of a symbol to internal references if the symbol has more
than one version. This resulted in infinite recursion in
2006-02-10 Csaba Henk <>
* Refine clock_gettime() querying so that linker options
shall be set as it's appropriate for the target platform.
2006-02-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix udev rule syntax. Reported by Nix
2006-02-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* In some cases udev rule seems to be ineffective when installed
as 40-fuse.rules but work as 60-fuse.rules. Reported by John Hunt
2006-02-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compilation when build directory is different from source
directory. Reported by Frédéric L. W. Meunier
2006-02-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix even bigger bug introduced in fix for request_end() on
2006-01-14. Reported by Gal Rosen
2006-01-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* highlevel-lib: add 'auto_cache' option. This caches file data
based on modification time and size
2006-01-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Sanitize storage type and help message in mount_bsd.c. Patch
from Csaba Henk
* fuse_opt: add new helper constants FUSE_OPT_KEY_KEEP and
* Add options 'max_readahead', 'sync_read' and 'async_read'
* Kernel ABI version 7.6:
* Negotiate the 'max_readahead' value and 'async_read' flags with
userspace in the INIT method
* Add connection info to ->init() methods to both lowlevel and
highlevel API
* Fall back to synchronous read() behavior if either library or
userspace filesystem is using the old interface version. This is
needed so non-updated filesystems won't be confused by the
different read() behavior
2006-01-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: if "fsname=" option was given, pass it to fusermount
* fuse_opt: add new fuse_opt_insert_arg() function, which is
needed by filesystems to implement some argument manipulations
* fuse_opt: fix memory leak in handling "--" option
2006-01-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix detection of case when fuse is not configured into
the kernel either as module or built-in
* fuse_opt.h: fix incompatibility with C++ compilers by renaming
'template' structure member to 'templ'. Reported by Takashi Iwai
* fuse.h: fix compatibility bugs. Patch by Yura Pakhuchiy
* kernel: support version 2.6.16 (i_sem -> i_mutex)
2006-01-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added (again) asynchronous readpages support
* Each connection now shows up under /sys/fs/fuse/connections
* Connection attributes exported to sysfs: 'waiting' number of
waiting requests; 'abort' abort the connection
* Connection may be aborted through either the sysfs interface or
with 'umount -f mountpoint'
2006-01-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.5.0
2006-01-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix a couple of bugs
* Order of request_end() and fuse_copy_finish() was wrong.
Posthumous note: Franco Broi managed to exploit this, though it
seemed quite impossible
* request_end() used request pointer after decrementing refcount
* Clearing ->connected or ->mounted connection flags could race
with setting other bitfields not protected with a lock
2006-01-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: add necessary compile flags for 2.4.X/x86_64.
Report from Sean Ziegeler
2006-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.5.0-pre2
2006-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Applied patch from Csaba Henk, to update mount_bsd to new
fuse_mount() semantics
* Ignore auto,noauto,... options in mount.fuse. Reported by Frank
Steiner and Don Taber
* fusermount: add 'dirsync' mount option
2006-01-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Improved help reporting and added version reporting to library
2006-01-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change working directory to "/" even if running in the
foreground. Patch from Jonathan Brandmeyer
* Changed lots of functions to use 'struct fuse_args' instead of
separate argc and argv
* Added fuse_parse_cmdline(), fuse_set_signal_handlers() and
fuse_remove_signal_handlers() functions, so that it's now pretty
easy to get all the functionality of fuse_main() with a filesystem
using the lowlevel API.
2006-01-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* mount.fuse: the 'user' option should be ignored. Report and
solution from Mattd.
* mount.fuse: export PATH in the right place. Report and patch
from Hannes Schweizer
2005-12-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clean up the option parsing interface slightly, by creating an
"argument list" structure, that contains the argument vector and
2005-12-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: check if /mnt/mtab is a symlink and don't modify it
in that case
* kernel: simplify request size limiting. INIT only contains
maximum write size, maximum path component size remains fixed at
1024 bytes, and maximum xattr size depends on read buffer.
2005-12-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix readdir() failure on x86_64, of 32bit programs compiled
without largefile support. Bug report and help from Anthony
* If lookup returns invalid mode, return -EIO instead of creating
a regular file
* Add current output argument vector to option processing
2005-12-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix stale code in ifdef FreeBSD. Patch from Csaba Henk
2005-12-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.5.0-pre1
2005-12-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: added option parsing interface, defined in
2005-12-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Return EIO for file operations (read, write, fsync, flush) on
open files whose inode has become "bad". Inodes will be marked
"bad" if their type changes. Bug report by Csaba Henk
2005-12-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use bigger request buffer size. write() did not work on archs
with > 4k page size, Bug report by Mark Haney
* ABI version 7.5:
* Extend INIT reply with data size limits
2005-12-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix memory leak in fuse_read_cmd()/fuse_process_cmd(). Bug
reported by Vincenzo Ciancia
* Handle exit-by-umount in fuse_read_cmd()
2005-11-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check if '-msoft-float' option is supported by compiler when
configuring for a 2.4.x kernel. Bug report by Mark Haney
* In multithreaded loop send a TERM signal to the main thread if
one of the other threads exit. Needed on FreeBSD for a clean exit
on umount. Should not cause any harm on Linux either
2005-11-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in 32-bit file handle compatibility
2005-11-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Block TERM, INT, HUP and QUIT signals in all but the main
thread. According to POSIX it's not specified which thread will
receive these signals.
* Kernel changes:
* Check for directory aliasing on mkdir, not just on lookup
* Check for special node ID values in create+open operation
* Sync with -mm: readv, writev, aio_read and aio_write methods
added to file operations
* Cleanups: lookup code, page offset calculation
* ABI stepped to 7.4, changes:
* frsize member added to fuse_kstatfs structure
* added support for negative entry caching: on lowlevel API if
fuse_entry_param::ino is set to zero in reply to a lookup request,
the kernel will cache the dentry for the specified amount of time.
* libfuse: added 'negative_timeout' option: specifies how much
negative entries should be cached. Default is zero, to be
compatible with prior versions
2005-11-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add detection of mainline FUSE code in running kernel
2005-11-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't use async cancelation in multithreaded loop. This makes
it more portable to systems where read() is not async cancel safe.
Report from Andriy Gapon
2005-11-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Warn if API version 11 compatibility is requested
2005-11-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* More FreeBSD merge
* fusermount: don't allow mountpoints with '\n', '\t', or '\\' in
them, because it corrupts /etc/mtab. Found by Thomas Biege
* libfuse: don't use system() to invoke 'fusermount -u ...'
because it breaks mountpoints with spaces in them into multiple
2005-11-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Merge library part of FreeBSD port. Patch by Csaba Henk
2005-11-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use 64bit type for file handle, so the full range supported by
the kernel interface is available to applications
2005-11-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Moved mountpoint argument checking from fuse_parse_cmdline() to
fuse_mount() in preparation to FreeBSD merge.
2005-11-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove unneeded close() from fuse_teardown(). Spotted by Csaba
2005-11-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make the statfs change backwards compatible.
2005-11-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change ->statfs() method to use 'struct statvfs' instead of
'struct statfs'. This makes the API more portable since statvfs()
is defined by POSIX.
2005-10-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fgetattr() method, which currently will only be called after
a successful call to a create() method.
2005-10-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change kernel ABI version to 7.3
* Add ACCESS operation. This is called from the access() system
call if 'default_permissions' mount option is not given, and is
not called on kernels 2.4.*
* Add atomic CREATE+OPEN operation. This will only work with
2.6.15 (presumably) or later Linux kernels.
* Add ftruncate() method. This will only work with 2.6.15
(presumably) or later Linux kernels.
* Fix kernel module compile if kernel source and build directories
differ. Report and initial patch by John Eastman
2005-10-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: optimize buffer reallocation in fill_dir.
2005-10-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.4.1
2005-10-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: add debug for write result (by Shaun Jackman) and
warnings for too large read/write result
2005-10-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Spelling fixes, thanks to Ioannis Barkas
2005-10-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fuse_common.h: use extern "C". Thanks to Valient Gough for the
2005-10-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* highlevel-lib: init() and destroy() methods didn't have an
initialized fuse_context. Bug reported by Tim Stoakes
2005-10-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.4.0
2005-10-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add documentation to fuse_lowlevel.h
* API cleanups:
* Remove definitions of unused FATTR_CTIME / FUSE_SET_ATTR_CTIME
* Move fuse_mount() and fuse_unmount() to fuse_common.h
* Change the return type of fuse_reply_none() from int to void.
2005-09-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: NFS exporting leaked dentries. Bug found and fixed by
Akshat Aranya.
2005-09-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: fix error message, when unable to open /dev/fuse.
Report by Balázs Pozsár
2005-09-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* UClibc fixes from Christian Magnusson
2005-09-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added NAME="%k" to util/udev.rules. Fix by Mattias Wadman.
2005-09-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.4.0-rc1
2005-09-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: allow user umount in the case when /etc/mtab is a
symlink to /proc/mounts. Reported by Balázs Pozsár.
2005-09-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check for special node ID values in lookup and creation
2005-09-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Slight optimization in returning EINVAL error in case of an open
with O_DIRECT flag.
2005-09-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove '--enable-auto-modprobe' configure flag. Module
auto-loading is now handled by the kernel.
2005-09-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Install UDEV rule file, so /dev/fuse is created with mode 0666.
Help from Jens M. Noedler.
2005-09-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add memory cleanup on thread exit
2005-09-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Set umask to zero in fusexmp and fusexmp_fh, so that
files/directories are created with the requested mode.
2005-09-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't ignore read error in multithreaded loop
2005-09-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.4.0-pre2
2005-09-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Revert lock and access operations. Postpone these until 2.5.
2005-09-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compile warning on 2.6.13 and later
* Fix compilation on old kernels
2005-08-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: always refresh directory contents after rewinddir() to
conform to SUS. Bug found by John Muir.
2005-08-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.4.0-pre1
2005-08-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: cleaned up (or messed up, depending on your POV) the low
level library API. Hopefully this is close to the final form.
2005-08-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: don't allow empty mountpoint argument, which defeats
automatic umounting in fuse_main(). Bugreport by Václav Jůza
2005-08-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fix warnings in fuse.h and fuse_lowlevel.h if -Wshadow compiler
option is used (Paul Alfille).
2005-08-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* highlevel-lib: added mount options "attr_timeout" and
"entry_timeout". These options control the length of time file
attributes and entries (names) are cached. Both default to 1.0
* kernel: correctly handle zero timeout for attributes and entries
2005-08-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added missing symbols to versionscript (Joshua J. Berry)
* kernel: implement two flags, open can set: 'direct_io' and
'keep_cache'. These correspond exactly to mount options
'direct_io' and 'kernel_cache', but allow a per-open setting.
* Move 'direct_io' and 'kernel_cache' mount option handling to
userspace. For both mount options, if the option is given, then
the respective open flag is set, otherwise the open flag is left
unmodified (so the filesystem can set it).
* lib (highlevel): make open method optional
2005-07-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: invalidate attributes for read/readdir/readlink
* kernel: detect newer UML kernels
2005-07-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make the installation path of fuse.ko and mount.fuse
configurable through INSTALL_MOD_PATH and MOUNT_FUSE_PATH
environment variables. Requirement and help from Csaba Henk.
2005-07-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug, that causes filesystem requests to hang when unique
request counter becomes negative. This happens after
2,147,483,648 operations, so most people won't care. Thanks to
Franco Broi for the report and testing.
2005-07-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't change mtime/ctime/atime to local time on read/write.
Bug reported by Ben Grimm
* Install fuse_common.h and fuse_lowlevel.h. Report by Christian
* fusermount: use getopt_long() for option parsing. It allows the
use of '--' to stop argument scanning, so fusermount can now
operate on directories whose names begin with a '-'. Patch by
Adam Connell
2005-07-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: add '-v', '--version' and '--help' options
* add inode based API
2005-07-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: don't block signals in worker threads. Problem noticed by
Usarin Heininga
2005-07-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: don't allow both 'allow_other' and 'allow_root' options to
be given
2005-07-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: check if mountpoint is empty (only '.' and '..' for
directories, and size = 0 for regular files). If "nonempty"
option is given, omit this check. This is useful, so users don't
accidentally hide data (e.g. from backup programs). Thanks to
Frank van Maarseveen for pointing this out.
* kernel: check if mandatory mount options ('fd', 'rootmode',
'user_id', 'group_id') are all given
* lib: simplify 'readdir_ino' handling
* lib: add mount options 'umask=M', 'uid=N', 'gid=N'
2005-07-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: clean up 'direct_io' code
2005-06-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add 'mount.fuse' written by Petr Klima
* '/dev/fuse' is created by 'make install' if does not yet exist
2005-06-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix UCLIBC compile error. Patch by Christian Magnusson
2005-06-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Enable the auto-loading of the module via access to the
corresponding device file. Patch by Takashi Iwai.
* Allow mounting a regular file (over a regular file) for
unprivleged users.
* Do not create temporary device file. Require "/dev/fuse" to
exist, and be readable/writable by the mounting user.
2005-06-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3.0
2005-06-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix serious information leak: if the filesystem returns a short
byte count to a read request, and there are non-zero number of
pages which are not filled at all, these pages will not be zeroed.
Hence the user can read out previous memory contents. Found by
Sven Tantau.
2005-05-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add "readdir_ino" mount option, which tries to fill in the d_ino
field in struct dirent. This mount option is ignored if "use_ino"
is used. It helps some programs (e.g. 'pwd' used over NFS from a
non-Linux OS). Patch by David Shaw.
2005-05-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-rc1
2005-05-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* File save in krusader and other editors doesn't work with sshfs,
because open() is interrupted by a periodic signal, and open()
restarts forever, without any progress. This could just be fixed
in open(), but the problem is more generic: if signals are
received more often than the filesystem can get the request to
userspace, it will never finish. This is probably only a
theoretical problem, nevertheless I'm removing the possibility to
interrupt requests with anything other than SIGKILL, even before
being sent to userspace. Bugreport by Eduard Czimbalmos.
2005-05-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: add "tree_lock" rwlock, that is locked for write in
rename, unlink and rmdir, and locked for read in all other
operations. This should fix the rename/release race reported by
Valient Gough and others. The solution is very coarse, a finer
grained locking scheme could be implemented, but it would be much
more complex. Let's see whether this is good enough.
2005-05-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre7
2005-05-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Better fix for out of order FORGET messages. Now the
LOOKUP/FORGET messages are balanced exactly (one FORGET can
balance many lookups), so the order no longer matters. This
changes the kernel ABI slightly, but the library remains backward
2005-05-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix abort for out of order FORGET messages. Again. Spotted by
Franco Broi again. Sorry :)
2005-04-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre6
2005-04-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make fusermount work with fuse kernel modules not yet supporting
the "group_id" option (added for the purpose of stricter
permission checking).
2005-04-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check for hard-linked directories in lookup. This could cause
problems in the VFS, which assumes that such objects never exist.
* Make checking of permission for other users more strict. Now
the same privilege is required for the mount owner as for ptrace
on the process performing the filesystem operation.
2005-04-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre5
2005-04-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add -msoft-float to kernel module compile flags for 2.4.X. This
is needed on certain architectures. Report from Chris Kirby
* Fix buggy behavior of open(..., O_CREAT|O_EXCL) if interrupted.
Reported by David Shaw
* Remove "allow_root" option from kernel module, and implement
it's functionality in the library
* Fix Oops caused by premature release of fuse_conn. Clean up
related code, to be more readable
* Sendfile should not use page cache if "direct_io" mount option
is given
2005-04-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix Oops in case of nfs export. Spotted by David Shaw
* Fix another Oops in case of write over nfs with direct_io turned
on. Again spotted by David Shaw
2005-04-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre4
2005-04-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* lib: finalized new readdir() interface, which now supersedes the
getdir() method.
2005-04-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre3
2005-04-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Implement backward compatibility with version 5 kernel ABI
2005-04-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre2
2005-04-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix dirent offset handling
* lib: add readdir and releasedir methods
* lib: use fh field of fuse_file_info in opendir, readdir,
releasedir and fsyncdir methods
* lib: check kernel API version and bail out of it's old. This
will be properly fixed in the next release
2005-03-31 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.3-pre1
2005-03-31 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel API: add padding to structures, so 64bit and 32bit
compiler will return the same size
* kernel API: add offset field to fuse_dirent. This will allow
more sophisticated readdir interface for userspace
* kernel API: change major number to 6
* kernel: fix warnings on 64bit archs
* kernel: in case of API version mismatch, return ECONNREFUSED
2005-03-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: trivial cleanups
2005-03-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fsyncdir() operation
2005-03-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: add locking to background list (fixes previous fix)
2005-03-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix bug which could cause leave busy inodes after
unmount, and Oops.
2005-03-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* examples: add -lpthread to link flags to work around valgrind
* lib: don't exit threads, so cancelation doesn't cause segfault
2005-03-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: fix nasty bug which could cause an Oops under certain
situations. Found by Magnus Johansson
2005-02-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: added opendir() method. This can be used in case
permission checking in getdir() is too late. Thanks to Usarin
Heininga for pointing out this deficiency
* libfuse: added init() and destroy() methods to fuse_operations
* kernel: llseek() method for files and directories made explicit
* kernel: fixed inode leak in NFS export in case of nodeid
2005-02-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse: clean up some unitialized memory found with valgrind
* Add -lpthread to Libs in fuse.pc. Valgrind seems to need an
explicitly linked libpthread for applications
2005-02-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: set umask, otherwise /etc/mtab will have
unpredictable permission. Spotted by Jindrich Kolorenc
* fusermount: set owner and group of /etc/mtab to original values
on unmount
* libfuse: add 'use_ino' option to help. Patch by Valient Gough
2005-02-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Cleaned up directory reading (temporary file is not used)
2005-02-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2
2005-02-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix possible race when operation is interrupted
2005-01-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compilation on 2.6.7
2005-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre6
2005-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in link() operation which caused the wrong path to be
passed as the first argument. Found by Anton Altaparmakov
2005-01-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* LIB: fix double reply in readdir operation
* fusermount: fix uid checking bug. Patch by Adam Connell
* KERNEL: fix compile on various RedHat patched 2.4 kernels.
Patch by Keshava Gowda
2005-01-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL: provide correct llseek semantics for fuse device (fixes
a bug on Progeny 2.4.20 kernel). Reported by Valient Gough
2005-01-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre5 (matches kernel 2.6.11-rc1-mm2)
2005-01-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL ABI: remove GETDIR operation, and add OPENDIR, READDIR
and RELEASEDIR. This ends the ugly hack of passing a file
descriptor to the kernel, and actually makes the code simpler.
2005-01-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre4
2005-01-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: remove capability setting, which was the cause of
problems for some users. It seems that FS related capabilities
are removed by setfsuid(), so this isn't even needed.
2005-01-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fix compilation on 2.4 kernels (reported by Valient Gough)
* fix failure to unmount bug (found by David Shaw)
* fusermount: improve parsing of /etc/fuse.conf
2005-01-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove 'mount_max' and 'user_allow_other' module options. These
are now checked by fusermount, and can be set in /etc/fuse.conf
* KERNEL: change check for fsid == 0 to capable(CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE)
2005-01-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL: fix possible inode allocation problem, where
sizeof(struct inode) is not aligned (found by Mike Waychison)
* KERNEL: use new follow_link/put_link methods
* KERNEL: cosmetic fixes
2005-01-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre3
2005-01-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add missing code that was accidently left out
2005-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre2
2005-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change "uid" mount option to "user_id" to avoid confusion with a
mount option "uid" commonly used by many filesystems
2005-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.2-pre1
2005-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* If FUSE is configured in the kernel, don't build it by default
2005-01-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Compile fix by Christian Magnusson
2005-01-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compilation for 2.6.{0-5} kernels
2005-01-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL: if request is interrupted, still keep reference to used
inode(s) and file, so that FORGET and RELEASE are not sent until
userspace finishes the request.
* remove /{sys,proc}/fs/fuse/version, and instead add an INIT
request with the same information, which is more flexible,
simpler, works on embedded systems.
2004-12-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL ABI: update interface to make it independent of type
sizes. This will help on 64 bit architectures which can run
legacy 32 bit applications.
* KERNEL ABI: add "len" field to request headers. This will allow
sending/receiving requests in multiple chunks.
* KERNEL: handle file type change more intelligently
* LIB: "-o debug" option should disable backgrounding (fix by
Fabien Reygrobellet)
2004-12-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL: invalidate dentry/attributes if interrupted request
could leave filesystem in an unknown state.
2004-12-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* KERNEL: lots of cleanups related to avoiding possible deadlocks.
These will cause some regressions, but stability is considered
more important. If any of these features turns out to be
important, it can be readded with the deadlock problems addressed.
* Make all requests interruptible (only with SIGKILL currently).
This can be used to break any deadlock produced by the userspace
filesystem accessing it's own exported files. The RELEASE request
is special, because if it's interrupted before sending it to
userspace it is still sent, but the reply is not awaited.
* If request is interrupted before being sent to userspace, and if
it hasn't yet got any side effects, it is always restarted,
regardless of the SA_RESTART flag. This makes these interruptions
transparent to the process.
* Remove shared-writable mmap support, which was prone to an
out-of-memory deadlock situation
* Remove INVALIDATE userspace initiated request
* Make readpages() synchronous. Asynchronous requests are
deadlock prone, since they cannot be interrupted.
* Add readv/writev support to fuse device operations
* Remove some printks, which userspace FS can use for a DoS
against syslog
* Remove 'large_read' mount option from 2.6 in kernel, check it in
fusermount instead
* LIB: improve compatibility with a fuse.h header installed in
${prefix}/include which in turn includes the real header.
* LIB: improve compatibility by defining fuse_main() (which is now
not used), so old configure scripts find it.
2004-12-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* When mounting on a subdirectory of / don't duplicate slashes at
the beggining of path (spotted by David Shaw)
2004-12-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug causing garbage in mount options (spotted by David Shaw)
2004-12-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add 'writepage' flag to 'fuse_file_info'.
* More comments in fuse.h
* Get rid of double underscores
2004-12-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to cflags provided by pkg-config
* helper.c: add -ho option, which only displays the options not
the usage header. This can be used by filesystems which have
their own options.
2004-12-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add source compatibility to 2.1 and 1.1 APIs. To select betwen
versions simply define FUSE_USE_VERSION to 22, 21 or 11 before
including the fuse header
* Add binary compatibility to 2.1 version of library with symbol
2004-12-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.1
2004-12-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: clean up writing functions
* kernel: no allocation on write in direct_io mode
* move linux/fuse.h to fuse_kernel.h
2004-11-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: clean up reading functions
2004-11-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel: make readpage() uninterruptible
* kernel: check readonly filesystem flag in fuse_permission
* lib: don't die if version file not found and new style device
* lib: add '-r' option, which is short for '-o ro'
* fusermount: simplify device opening
* kernel: when direct_io is turend on, copy data directly to
destination without itermediate buffer. More efficient and safer,
since no allocation is done.
* fusermount: fix warning if fuse module is not loaded
* kernel: use /dev/fuse on 2.4 too
2004-11-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* libfuse API change: open, read, write, flush, fsync and release
are passed a 'struct fuse_file_info' pointer containing the open
flags (open and release), and the file handle. Verion changed to
2004-11-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* More cleanups in the kernel
* The 10,229 charater device number has been assigned for FUSE
* Version file checking fix (reported by Christian Magnusson)
* fusermount: opening the fuse device now doesn't need /sys.
* Optimize reading by controlling the maximum readahead based on
the 'max_read' mount option
* fixes for UCLIBC (Christian Magnusson)
2004-11-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Cleaned up kernel in preparation for merge into mainline:
* Use /sys/fs/fuse/version instead of /proc/fs/fuse/version
* Use real device (/dev/fuse) instead of /proc/fs/fuse/dev
* __user annotations for sparse
* allocate individual pages instead of kmalloc in fuse_readdir,
fuse_read and fuse_write.
* Fix NFS export in case "use_ino" mount option is given
* Make libfuse and fusermount compatible with future versions
* fusermount: properly add mount options to /etc/mtab
2004-11-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fusermount: do not resolve last component of mountpoint on if it
is '.' or '..'. This new path resolvation is now done on mount as
well as unmount. This enables relative paths to work on unmount.
* fusermount: parse common mount options like "ro", "rw", etc...
* Allow module params to be changed through sysfs
2004-11-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 2.1-pre1
2004-11-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in fuse_readpages() causing Oops in certain situations.
Bug found by Vincenzo Ciancia.
* Fix compilation with kernels versions > 2.6.9.
2004-11-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check kernel interface version in fusermount to prevent
strangeness in case of mismatch.
* No need to allocate fuse_conn until actual mount happens
* Fix potential race between umount and fuse_invalidate
* Check superblock of proc file in addition to inode number
* Fix race between request_send_noreply() and fuse_dev_release()
2004-11-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Separate configure for the kernel directory
* Don't allow write to return more than 'count'
* Extend kernel interface for future use
2004-11-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix '' to use autoreconf if available
2004-11-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add ino argument to 'fuse_dirfil_t'. NOTE: This breaks source
compatibility with earlier versions. To compile earier versions
just add '-DFUSE_DIRFIL_COMPAT' compile flag or fix the source.
Do not use the "use_ino" mount flag with filesystems compiled with
* Add pkg-config support. To compile a FUSE based filesystem you
can do "gcc -Wall `pkg-config --cflags --libs fuse` myfs.c -o myfs"
or similar. Note, that the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
usually needs to be set to "/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig".
* fuse.h is now installed in ${prefix}/include/fuse/
2004-11-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added "use_ino" mount option. This enables the filesystems to
set the st_ino field on files
2004-11-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix compile problems with ancient (<=2.4.18) kernels (reported
by Jeremy Smith)
* Add "allow_root" mount option. Patch by Yaroslav Rastrigin
* Clear the 'exited' flag when mail loop is finished
2004-10-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make xattr functions work under 2.6 (bug found by Vincenzo
2004-10-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Reset request in fuse_flush() (bugreport by David Shaw)
2004-10-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fuse_main() now does not exit on error, rather it returns an
error code
* Exported __fuse_setup() and __fuse_teardown() functions, which
make it easier to implement a custom event loop.
* Use daemon() call to background the filesystem after mounting.
This function closes the standard input, output and error and
changes the current working directory to "/".
2004-10-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 1.9
2004-10-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Don't allow fuse_flush() to be interrupted (bug found by David
2004-09-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add PID to fuse_context. Patch by Steven James
* Change file handle type to 'unsigned long' in kernel interface
2004-09-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* A slight API change: fuse_get_context() doesn't need the "fuse"
pointer, but the returned context contains it instead. The
fuse_get() function is not needed anymore, so it's removed.
* Fix mounting and umounting FUSE filesystem under another FUSE
filesystem by non-root (bug spotted by Valient Gough)
2004-09-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix deadlock in case of memory allocation failure. Patch by
Christian Magnusson
2004-09-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check memory allocation failures in libfuse
2004-09-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check temporary file creation failure in do_getdir(). Bug
spotted by Terje Oseberg
2004-09-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Allow "large_read" option for 2.6 kernels but warn of deprecation
* Make requests non-interruptible so race with FORGET is avoided.
This is only a temporary solution
* Support compiling FUSE kernel module on 2.4.x UML kernels
2004-09-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in case two FORGETs for the same node are executed in
the wrong order. Bug spotted and endured for months by Franco
Broi, and logfile for solution provided by Terje Oseberg
2004-09-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add -D_REENTRANT to the compile flags
* Add documentation of fuse internals by Terje Oseberg
2004-08-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change release method to be non-interruptible. Fixes bug
causing missing release() call when program which has opened files
is killed (reported by Franco Broi and David Shaw)
2004-07-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add fuse_invalidate() to library API
2004-07-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check permissions in setattr if 'default_permissions' flag is
set. Bug spotted by Damjan Lango
2004-07-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* 'large_read' mount option removed for 2.6 kernels, since the
default (dynamic read size) is better
* Extend kernel API with file handles. A file handle is returned
by open, and passed to read, write, flush, fsync and release.
This is currently only used for debug output in the library.
* Security changes:
* Change the current directory to the mountpoint before checking
the permissions and mount filesystem on "."
* By default don't modprobe the fuse module for non-root. The old
behavior can be restored with the '--enable-auto-modprobe' flag of
* By default don't allow shared writable mappings for non-root.
The old behavior can be restored with the 'user_mmap=1' module
2004-07-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clean up mount option passing to fusermount and to fuse_new()
BEWARE: this changes the userspace API slightly, and the command
line usage of programs using fuse_main()
2004-07-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Optimize reading under 2.6 kernels by issuing multiple page
asynchronous read requests
2004-07-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Only use redirty_page_for_writepage() for kernels >= 2.6.6
2004-07-16 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Separate directory entry and inode attribute validity timer
* New write semaphore to stop page writeback during truncate
* Fsync now waits for all writes to complete before sending the
* Optimization: if a page is completely written by
fuse_commit_write(), clear the dirty flag and set the uptodate
flag for that page
* Some memory cleanup at exit
2004-07-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add FUSE_HARD_REMOVE flag, and '-i' option to fuse main, which
disable the "hide if open" behavior of unlink/rename.
* If temporary buffer allocation fails in raw read, fall back to a
smaller buffer
2004-07-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix bug in do_open() in libfuse: open count was incremented
after the reply is sent so it could race with unlink/forget and
cause an abort.
2004-07-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* When performing create or remove operation, refresh the parent's
attributes on next revalidate, as i_nlink (and maybe size/time)
could be inacurate.
* Use redirty_page_for_writepage() in fuse_writepage() for skipped
pages (2.6 only)
* Set set_page_dirty address space operation (2.6 only)
2004-07-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Minor fix in read: print debug info even if read size is zero
2004-07-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix race between truncate and writepage (fsx-linux now runs
without error)
2004-07-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix kernel hang on mkfifo under 2.4 kernels (spotted and patch
by Mattias Wadman)
* Added option for direct read/write (-r)
* Fix revalidate time setting for newly created inodes
* Remove uid==0 check for '-x' option in fusermount (kernel checks
* fuse_main() only installs handlers for signals (out of INT, HUP,
TERM, PIPE), for which no handler has yet been installed
* Add module option 'user_allow_other' which if set to non-zero
will allow non root user to specify the 'allow_other' mount option
('-x' option of fusermount)
* Fix deadlock between page writeback completion and truncate
(bug found by Valient Gough with the fsx-linux utility)
2004-07-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Change passing fuse include dir to 2.6 kernel make system more
robust (fixes compile problems seen on SuSE 9.1 with updated 2.6
2004-06-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Acquire inode->i_sem before open and release methods to prevent
concurrent rename or unlink operations.
* Make __fuse_read_cmd() read only one command. This allows
multiplexing the fuse file descriptor with other event sources
using select() or poll() (patch by Jeff Harris)
* Export 'exited' flag with __fuse_exited() (patch by Jeff Harris)
2004-06-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix file offset wrap around at 4G when doing large reads
2004-06-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix memory leak in open (Valient Gough)
2004-06-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add "close after delete" support to libfuse (patch by Valient
* Cancel all worker threads before exit in multithreaded mode
2004-06-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix locking bugs
* Don't send reply to RELEASE
* Work with newer libtool (1.5a)
* Check for st_atim member of struct stat
2004-06-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* No request allocation needed on inode and file release
2004-06-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix possible inode leak in userspace in case of unfinished
lookup/mknod/mkdir/symlink/link operation.
2004-06-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix some races and cleanups in fuse_read_super()
2004-06-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Requests are allocated at open time
2004-06-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Build shared library as well as static (using libtool)
* Change FUSE_MINOR_VERSION from 1 to 0. I know it's illegal but
there has not been a release with the previous minor number, and I
hope nobody is using it for anything.
* Change fuse_main(), so that default behavior is to go into
background if mount is successful. '-f' and '-d' options disable
backgrounding. This fixes the "Why does my FUSE daemon hang?"
newbie complaint.
* Cache ENOSYS (function not implemented) errors on *xattr, flush
and fsync
* Don't call getdir method from open() only from first readdir().
Open is sometimes just used to store the current directory
(e.g. find)
2004-05-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added flush() call
2004-05-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Extended attributes support for 2.4 (patch by Cody Pisto)
2004-04-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fixed parser with modversions (Mattias Wadman)
2004-04-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added mount option parser to 2.4 build
2004-04-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Replaced binary mount data with text options
* Show FUSE specific mount options in /proc/mounts
* Check in fuse.h whether _FILE_OFFSET_BITS is set to 64
2004-04-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Check some limits so userspace won't get too big requests
2004-04-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Kill compile warning
* Upgraded user-mount patch for 2.6.5
2004-04-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add detection of user-mode-linux to configure
2004-03-31 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fixed zero size case for getxattr and listxattr
2004-03-30 Miklos Szeredi <>
* new fusermount flag '-z': lazy unmount, default is not lazy
* Extended attributes operations added (getxattr, setxattr,
listxattr, removexattr)
2004-03-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* If filesystem doesn't define a statfs operation, then an
all-zero default statfs is returned instead of ENOSYS
2004-03-24 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add FS_BINARY_MOUNTDATA filesystem flag for kernels > 2.6.4
2004-03-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix for uClinux (Christian Magnusson)
2004-03-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fuse_main() adds "-n progname" to the fusermount command line
* More kernel interface changes:
* Lookup/getattr return cache timeout values
2004-02-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Clean up option parsing in fuse_main()
* Added fuse_get() function which returns the fuse object created
by fuse_main()
2004-02-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* removed old way of mounting (fusermount mountpoint program)
* more kernel interface changes:
* added nanosecond precision to file times
* removed interface version from mount data
* added /proc/fs/fuse/version which contains MAJOR.MINOR
2004-02-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* statfs library API changed to match other methods. Since this
is not backward compatible FUSE_MAJOR_VERSION is changed to 2
* kernel interface changes follow:
* statfs changed to 64 bits, added 'bavail' field
* add generation number to lookup result
* optimized mknod/mkdir/symlink/link (no separate lookup is
* rdev size increased to 32 bits for mknod
* kernel interface version changed to 3.1
2004-02-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* user-mount upgraded for 2.6.3 kernel
2004-02-17 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added user-mount.2.6.2-rc3.patch
* Add FS_SAFE flag to fuse filesystem
* fusermount should allow (un)mounting for non-root even if not
2004-02-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Remove MS_PERMISSION mount flag (that means something else now)
2004-02-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added check for i_size_read/write functions to
(patch by Valient Gough)
2004-02-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fixed writing >= 2G files
* Check file size on open (with generic_file_open())
* Readpage calls flush_dcache_page() after storing data
* Use i_size_read/write for accessing inode->i_size
* Make loopback mount of a fuse file work
2004-02-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 1.1
2004-01-29 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Properly check if the inode exists in fuse_invalidate
2004-01-27 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added -q option for fusermount
* fuse_unmount() now uses -q option of fusermount, so no error is
printed if the cause of the program exit is that the filesystem
has already been unmounted
* Fix i_nlink correctness after rmdir/unlink
2004-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 1.1-pre2
2004-01-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix typo (thanks Marcos Dione)
* Compile fixes for 2.4 kernels
2004-01-23 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix CONFIG_MODVERSIONS compile on 2.6
2004-01-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Write all pending data before a RELEASE operation
* Suppress 'Bad file descriptor' warning on exit
* Replaced fusermount option '-d xxx' with '-n xxx' so it doesn't
get confused with '-d' of fuse_main() (sorry about this change)
* New fusermount option '-l' which enables big reads. Big reads
are now disabled by default.
* fuse_main() can accept fusermount arguments after a '--'
2004-01-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Support for exporting filesystem over NFS (see README.NFS)
2004-01-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Support non-blocking writepage on 2.6. This makes FUSE behave
much more nicely in low-memory situations
* Fix 32-bit dev handling in getattr and mknod for 2.6 kernels.
(Note: the mknod method does not yet use 32bit device number)
2004-01-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Code cleanups
2004-01-07 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Released 1.1-pre1
2004-01-06 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Integrated 2.6 kernel support patch by Michael Grigoriev
* Improvements and cleanups for 2.6 kernels
2004-01-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added -d option to fusermount
2003-12-15 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added major+minor version to library API, and minor version to
kernel API
2003-12-13 David McNab <>
* Implemented fsync support in examples/
* Implemented 'fsync' and 'statfs' methods in python
2003-12-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Make it compile on 2.4.19.
* Add fsync operation (write file failed on xemacs & vi)
2003-12-12 David McNab <>
* Added distutils support to the python module, as per standard
python development practice
2003-12-11 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Add file locking for mount/unmount (based on patch by Valient
2003-12-11 David McNab <>
* Python filesystem - was broken with python2.3, now fixed:
- changed PyTuple_* calls to PySequence_*, because os.lstat
is no longer returning a pure tuple
- changed PyInt_Check() calls to also call PyLong_Check,
to cover for cases (eg os.lstat) where longs are returned
- Added support for file 'release' handling, which IMO is
essential since this signals to a FS that writes to a file
are complete (and therefore the file can now be disposed of
meaningfully at the python filesystem's discretion)
- Added '__init__' handler to base Fuse class, which allows
your Python class to know the mountpoint and mount args,
as attributes myfs.mountpoint, myfs.optlist, myfs.optdict
* General:
- added 'mount.fuse' script (in util/ dir), which is meant to be
symlinked from /sbin, and which allows FUSE filesystems to
be mounted with the 'mount' command, and listed in fstab;
also, mount arguments get passed to your filesystem
2003-11-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix kernel version detection (again). Bugreport by Peter Levart
2003-11-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Applied read combining patch by Michael Grigoriev (tested by
Valient Gough and Vincent Wagelaar)
2003-10-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Mtab handling fix in fusermount by "Valient Gough" (SF patch
2003-10-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Error code fixes in kernel module
2003-10-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* kernel version detection fix
* fusermount now uses "lazy" umount option
* fusermount can use modprobe with module-init-tools
2003-09-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Integrated caching patch by Michael Grigoriev
* Added "Filesystems" file with descriptions of projects using
* Added patch by Michael Grigoriev to allow compliation of FUSE
kernel module for 2.6 kernels
2003-06-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* And another spec-file fix by Achim Settelmeier
2003-05-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Spec-file fix by Achim Settelmeier
2003-03-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fix umount oops (found by Samuli Kärkkäinen)
2003-03-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Merge of fuse_redhat.spec and fuse.spec by Achim Settelmeier
2003-03-04 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Updated fuse.spec file (Achim Settelmeier)
2003-02-19 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Version 1.0 released
2003-02-12 Miklos Szeredi <>
* SuSE compilation fix by Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche
2002-12-10 Miklos Szeredi <>
* The release() VFS call is now exported to the FUSE interface
2002-12-05 Miklos Szeredi <>
* 64 bit file offset fixes in the fuse kernel module
* Added function 'fuse_exit()' which can be used to exit the main
2002-12-03 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 define to fuse.h. Note, that this is
an incompatible interface change.
2002-10-28 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Portablility fix (bug reported by C. Chris Erway)
2002-10-25 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Use Mark Glines' fd passing method for default operation instead
of old reexec
2002-10-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fix "Stale NFS file handle" bug caused by changes in 2.4.19
2002-10-22 Miklos Szeredi <>
* fix incompatiblity with Red Hat kernels, with help from Nathan
2002-04-18 Mark Glines <>
* added an alternative to fuse_mount(), called
fuse_mount_ioslave(), which does not need to reexec the
FUSE program.
* added a small helper util needed by fuse_mount_ioslave().
2002-03-16 Mark Glines <>
* use struct fuse_statfs everywhere possible to avoid problems
with the headerfiles changing struct statfs member sizes
2002-03-01 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Another RPM spec file for RedHat >= 7 by Ian Pilcher
2002-01-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* RPM support by Achim Settelmeier
2002-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Version 0.95 released
2002-01-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Revaidate all path components not just the last, this means a
very small performance penalty for being more up-to-date.
2002-01-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Update and fix python interface
2002-01-07 Mark Glines <>
* Added statfs() support to kernel, lib, examples, and perl!
2001-12-26 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Better cross compilation support
* Ported to Compaq IPAQ
2001-12-20 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added function fuse_get_context() to library API (inspired by
patch from Matt Ryan)
* Added flags to fusermount and to kernel interface to control
permission checking
* Integrated fuse_set_operations() into fuse_new()
2001-12-08 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Applied header protection + extern "C" patch by Roland
2001-12-02 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Added perl bindings by Mark Glines
2001-11-21 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Cleaned up way of mounting simple filesystems.
* fuse_main() helper function added
2001-11-18 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Optimized read/write operations, so that minimal copying of data
is done
2001-11-14 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Python bindings by Jeff Epler added
2001-11-13 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Fixed vfsmount reference leak in fuse_follow_link
* FS blocksize is set to PAGE_CACHE_SIZE, blksize attribute from
userspace is ignored
2001-11-09 Miklos Szeredi <>
* Started ChangeLog