Fix a bunch of messages

* Find and rename/remove duplicate string variable names
* Add missing string variables to en language file
* Fix display of some strings missing @ in front of variable name
* Fix several %s --> {1}
* Be consistent in usage of cancelled vs. canceled (both spellings

Tip for finding strings missing from language files:

1) Find all messages:
egrep -hr "gui_msg.+=" > /tmp/msgs.txt

2) Regex replace to trim them down
WHAT: ^\s+gui_msg(?:[^"]+)"([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)=([^"]+).+
WITH: $1
Note that $2 can be used to retain the message

3) Find missing strings:
for i in $(cat /tmp/msgs.txt); do
    if ! grep -q $i gui/theme/common/languages/en.xml; then
        echo $i;

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11 files changed