module load: attempt to load modules from /vendor

Use TW_LOAD_VENDOR_MODULES := "module1.ko module2.ko modulen.ko"
in BoardConfig to have TWRP attempt to load kernel modules during
startup. For fastboot ramdisks, TWRP will attempt to load from
the ramdisk from /vendor/lib/modules. You can have the build
system copy the modules to
Otherwise in recovery in boot mode, TWRP will attempt the following:
check /lib/modules (ramdisk vendor_boot)
check /lib/modules/N.N (ramdisk vendor_boot)
check /lib/modules/N.N-gki (ramdisk vendor_boot)
check /vendor/lib/modules (ramdisk)
check /vendor/lib/modules/1.1 (ramdisk prebuilt modules)
check /vendor/lib/modules/N.N (vendor mounted)
check /vendor/lib/modules/N.N-gki (vendor mounted)

Change-Id: I2dccf199e37d47cb7a7e79b0e11026d67b4e3186
diff --git a/twrpDigestDriver.cpp b/twrpDigestDriver.cpp
index af31417..3e21d06 100755
--- a/twrpDigestDriver.cpp
+++ b/twrpDigestDriver.cpp
@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@
 	digest_str = digest_str + "  " + TWFunc::Get_Filename(Full_Filename) + "\n";
 	LOGINFO("digest_filename: %s\n", digest_filename.c_str());
-	if (TWFunc::write_to_file(digest_filename, digest_str) == 0) {
+	if (TWFunc::write_to_file(digest_filename, digest_str)) {
 		gui_msg("digest_created= * Digest Created.");