Track backup and restore progress

Track backup and restore progress based on the sizes of the files
as they are being added to the tar backup file. Update the
progress bar based on the sizes of the files.

Change-Id: Idf649efa1db3e91830b4b2add86203a3f30042ff
diff --git a/twrpTar.hpp b/twrpTar.hpp
index 443e5f4..7994752 100644
--- a/twrpTar.hpp
+++ b/twrpTar.hpp
@@ -45,12 +45,13 @@
 	virtual ~twrpTar();
-	int createTarFork();
-	int extractTarFork();
+	int createTarFork(const unsigned long long *overall_size, const unsigned long long *other_backups_size);
+	int extractTarFork(const unsigned long long *overall_size, unsigned long long *other_backups_size);
 	void setfn(string fn);
 	void setdir(string dir);
 	void setsize(unsigned long long backup_size);
 	void setpassword(string pass);
+	unsigned long long get_size();
 	int use_encryption;
@@ -59,6 +60,9 @@
 	int split_archives;
 	int has_data_media;
 	string backup_name;
+	int progress_pipe_fd;
+	string partition_name;
+	string backup_folder;
 	int extract();
@@ -75,6 +79,7 @@
 	static void* createList(void *cookie);
 	static void* extractMulti(void *cookie);
 	int tarList(std::vector<TarListStruct> *TarList, unsigned thread_id);
+	unsigned long long uncompressedSize(string filename, int *archive_type);
 	int Archive_Current_Type;
 	unsigned long long Archive_Current_Size;
@@ -84,6 +89,7 @@
 	int fd;
 	pid_t pigz_pid;
 	pid_t oaes_pid;
+	unsigned long long file_count;
 	string tardir;
 	string tarfn;