Add git revision to startup message in recovery.log

This should make it easier to find the exact source for
a specific version of the binary.

Change-Id: I7e04dd9a3205cc643150a588b69b4bd691212ecb
diff --git a/twrp.cpp b/twrp.cpp
index 96d24b8..5d64694 100644
--- a/twrp.cpp
+++ b/twrp.cpp
@@ -110,11 +110,11 @@
 	property_set("ro.twrp.version", TW_VERSION_STR);
 	time_t StartupTime = time(NULL);
-	printf("Starting TWRP %s on %s (pid %d)\n", TW_VERSION_STR, ctime(&StartupTime), getpid());
+	printf("Starting TWRP %s-%s on %s (pid %d)\n", TW_VERSION_STR, TW_GIT_REVISION, ctime(&StartupTime), getpid());
 	// Load default values to set DataManager constants and handle ifdefs
-	printf("Starting the UI...");
+	printf("Starting the UI...\n");
 	printf("=> Linking mtab\n");
 	symlink("/proc/mounts", "/etc/mtab");